HP to kVA Converter Calculator | kVA to HP Converter

HP to kVA converter Calculator or kVA to HP Converter Calculator is one of the most trending tools in the electrical industry. As we have seen many times, people are not able to find the kVA using formula because they are not comfortable with such types of calculations.

Wirekhoj India always tries to make easier things for their users or visitors. So, We made a special type of calculator. This calculator helps you to convert HP into kVA. Even it also converts kVA into HP.

I hope you like these tools because it is totally dynamic and provided an awesome user interface for their visitors. We adjust the formula of kVA to HP Converter which helps you to do these things easily.

kVA to HP Converter Calculator

To use this calculator is so quite easy. There are some input fields where you have to enter the data and got the output as a result. Before using this kVA to HP calculator, We focus on what is the meaning of kVA as well as HP.

kVA : Full form of kVA is Kilo-Volt-Ampere. Basically, it is the S.I. unit of apparent power.

HP: Full form of HP is Horse Power. It is the S.I. unit of real power.

So, here you have to enter the Killo Volt Amp. in the first input box. It also accepts decimal values. After that, you need to enter the power factor in the second input box. After filling the result of Horse Power will be reflected in that box.

kVA to HP Conversion Formula

Horse Power = 1.34 * Killo Volt Amp * Power Factor

Mathematically, We express this in the formula in this term which is provided below.

⇒ P(H.P) = 1.34 * P(kVA) * Pf


Find the Horse Power Rating of an 8.2kVA motor at a 2.6 Power Factor.

Horse Power Rating =?

Kilo Volt Amp = 8.2kVA

Power Factor = 2.6

Formula Used : 

⇒ P(H.P) = 1.34 * P(kVA) * Pf

⇒ HP = 1.34 * 8.2 * 2.6

⇒ HP = 28.57 Horse Power

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So, this is the basic example based on kVA to HP Converter.

HP to kVA Converter Calculator

So, this HP to kVA converter Calculator is also similar to the above kVA to HP calculator. There is a single difference in that we know about the Horse Power value. So, by using that value, We have to find the kVA value.

In this calculator, you have to enter the Horse Power and Power factor value. After that, the given kVA result is reflected in the result in the kVA section. You can easily explore by using the below hp to kVa conversion calculator.

HP to kVA Conversion Formula

This formula is also so much easier. Apparent Killo Volt Amp is equal to the 0.746* Horse Power divided by the Power Factor.

Mathematically = S(kVA) = 0.746 * P(HP) / Pf

So, this is the basic formula to find the converter. Now we understand this concept using the example.


Find the Killo Volt Amp of a 2.5 Horse Power motor with 0.8 Power Factor?

Here we have given,

Kilo Volt Amp =?

Horse Power = 2.5

Power Factor = 0.8

By using Formula : S(kVA) = 0.746 * P(HP) / Pf

⇒ S(kVA) = 0.746 * 2.5 / 0.8

⇒ 2.33 kVA

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So, this is a basic and easy example. So, I hope you clearly understand the concept.


So, the guy in this article discussed the HP to kVa Calculator as well as the kVA to HP Converter Calculator. So, I hope you easily understand the concept. 

So, I hope you like this article. If you like this article then please share this article with your family and friends. If you have any queries then please comment below or reach us via email.

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