Battery Life Calculator | Battery Life Calculation Formula 2022

The battery life calculator or Battery Life Calculation formula is one of the most serious and most asked questions by people. Every people want to know, how long their battery will work. Because they need all types of information before buying any type of battery.

Kindly notice your query and concern regarding this concept and we built an awesome battery life calculator only for you. Now you can easily calculate the battery life of your battery. Also, we share some examples and stats regarding their formula.

Battery Life Calculator

We all know that battery is working under some conditions or principles. So, by using those principles or methods we make a useful battery life calculator only for you.

So, if you are looking at the below calculator then you can see that there are three most important input fields. Where you have shared your data as per your requirements. After entering data, all result in hours with be reflected in the output field or last field.

Now let’s, first of all, understand the basic fundamental activities of their input field. 

1. Battery Capacity (in Ah)

Battery Capacity is one of the most important terms to calculate the life of a battery. This means that you have to enter the Ah(Ampere Hours) means the battery capacity. It is also known by the load current.

2. Battery Voltage (V)

Battery Voltage means entering the total voltage that is observed by the battery. This input data is in the voltage format. Data is also in the form of numbers.

3. Load (W)

Load means power, which is in the form of W. Because watt is the s.i. Unit of the power. So, you have to enter the total load or power consumed by the battery.

After doing these things, now the total battery life hours result will be reflected in the battery life input. So, these all are the method or things for calculating the battery life in a battery life calculator.

Example : 

Let you have a battery so that, the battery Capacity(in Ah) is approx. 500 Ah, Voltage is 12V, and Power Load is 10 w. Then your calculator is on that way.

battery life calculator

Battery Life = Capacity(Ah) * Voltage(v) / Power(w)

=> 500 * 12/10

=> 600 Hours

So, on the above requirement, your battery life is 600 Hours. Now I hope you understand the concept that how can we find the battery life calculation easily.

Battery Life Calculation Formula

As usual, you have seen that dynamic calculation is in front of you. But this is not enough because we don’t know the backend functionality behind the battery life calculator. So, here is the formula of the battery Life.

Formula: Battery Life (in Hours) is equal  =  to the total battery capacity (in Amp Current) * Total Battery Voltage in (V) / Total Load or Power.

Mathematically : 

Battery(h) = Capacity(Ah) * Voltage(v) / Power(w)

So, this is the simple formula for Life Calculation. Now we understand this formula in terms of different – different citations like in days, months, and years format.

Take a look here, we differentiate the battery life hours in different kinds of time intervals. The formula based on these time interval are as follows:

I(Ah) is the current taken from the battery in Ampare Hour.

  • Battery(days) => capacity(Ah) / 24 * I(Ah)
  • Battery(months) => capacity(Ah) / 30 * I(Ah)
  • Battery(years) => capacity(Ah) / 365 * I(Ah)

So, this is the time interval of the different taken times. Now sometimes you do not know about the current of the battery. Now we see how to find it.

So, there is a simple formula for finding battery output. So, the formula is given below.

The battery Life Calculation formula can be written as : –

Battery (hour) => Capacity (in Ah) / (Power(w) / Voltage(v))

=> Voltage(v) * Capacity(Ah) / Power(w).

So, this is the simple formula to find the battery life calculation.

To work with big data and complex formula, it is most convenient to use Excel and Word. And you can buy Microsoft products cheaply in the GGSel online store.

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In this article, we know or understand how to find the battery life calculation formula and we seen the battery life calculator. I hope you understand it more clearly.

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