Best RCCB Brands in India 2022 | ELCB vs RCCB

Best RCCB Brands in India is one of the most electrical instruments which is used in the world. As usual in the previous article, we understand many of the different types of electrical instruments like MCB & MCCB etc. Now we also understand the basic concept of Best RCCB Brands in India. 

We have presented many types of electrical instruments and each instrument has a speciality this way the RCCB is also invented for giving or providing the awesome type of speciality for the electrical world.

Electricity and Electrical things are our most common things in today’s era of life. On a daily basis, we use electricity and consumed it in our daily work. During this time, a number of things will happen by the Best RCCB Brands in India.

What is RCCB & RCCB Full-Form

RCCB Full Form is Residual Current Circuit Breaker. RCCB also known as the ELCB – is Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker. Best RCCB Brands in India is an electrical device which helps to stop the electrical supply when the system observes an electrical fault.

When an equal amount of current doesn’t flow from the Phase and neutral lines, Best RCCB Brands in India justifies the difference and stops the electrical supply from that line. RCCB has the amazing speciality that it observes the least amount of current difference.

As we know that the current always flows in equal amounts from both of the wires, meanwhile the situation is coming up that the current difference is justified from each of them. 

One wire has the least amount of current whereas another wire’s current flows increase from time to time. In that situation, the RCCB will trip and stop the current supply.

Let us take an example, which helps you to understand manners more easily. So, for that example, we need to take an image that you have seen below. So, if you see here there are two lines. One line is “Phase” and another one is “Neutral”.

Phase Line – In this line, Under 10A of current flows in it. But the phase line is connected with the earthing then some amount of current comes to earth. 

Meanwhile, as a result, the electrical current difference is observed between the Phase line and Neutral line.

There are a lot of reasons that the phase line is connected with the earth, like if you did the earthing with other electrical equipment or electrical devices. 

After the damage occurs in the Electrical device then there might be a possibility that the current is moving to the earthing.

On other hand, if any person is touching that amazing device, so is the electrical current passing from the body and moving downwards to the earth. 

Quickly RCCB catches the difference between the electrical current and the trip. Now on this behalf Best RCCB Brands in India saves the person’s life only by observing the electrical current difference.

Benefits of RCCB

As usual, Best RCCB Brands in India provides many different types of benefits. These all types of benefits are mentioned below.

  1. When RCCB observes that the current difference is observed between the phase line and neutral line, then it will automatically disconnect the circuit.
  2. It helps to give protection for the electrical equipment.
  3. It also helps to save human life by socking the electrical current.
  4. It gives the many different features we know about later in this article.

So, these are the main top benefits of the Best RCCB Brands in India. In this article, we also know about the best rccb for home. Now take a look at the different types of Poles in the Best RCCB Brands in India.

Number of Poles in RCCB

RCCB has two different types of poles. One is a “Double Pole” and another one is a “Four Pole”. So, now we will explain these two types of poles.

Double Pole: Double Pole is used in our homes or house’s electrical supply. Because in our home, Single Phase supply is coming. 

If your home has a three-phase supply then don’t worry, Best RCCB Brands in India also supports the three-phase power supply. One phase wire and one neutral wire is connected in this double pole RCCB.

Four Pole: It is also usable in the Factories, Companies, and different top classes of buildings where the three-phase power supply is coming. Because Four Pole RCCB supports the three-phase power supply.

In Four, Line RCCB have the Three Phase and one neutral wire is connected. But there is a common thing i.e. Input Terminal, Test Buttons, and Load Terminal.

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So, these are the two types of poles that are used in the Best RCCB Brands in India. Now we are discussing the different types of the RCCB.

Types of RCCB

There are mainly three types of Best RCCB Brands in India. So, these three types of RCCB are mentioned below. So, take a look at these RCCB Types.


AC Type RCCB is used in that current like our house’s current power supply. Meanwhile there we used AC Type RCCB. So, if you want to get the RCCB for your home, then make sure you select only AC Type RCCB.


A Type RCCB is used for Pulse. It is especially used in those places where the electrical supplies come in the form of Pulse. So, as an example where the rectifier, inverter, and thirster are connecting. So, at that place, only A Type RCCB is used.


B Type RCCB is used for both AC and DC current supplies. It is basically smoothly working in both places. So, if you want to RCCB for AC or DC Voltage supplies then you can use B Type RCCB.

So, basically there all three are the basic types of the Best RCCB Brands in India. Now we will be discussing the difference between ELCB and RCCB.

Difference between ELCB & RCCB

This is also the main and very confusing problem what is the difference between the ELCB & RCCB? So, there is some point that helps you to differentiate between both of them.

ELCB stands for Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker.RCCB stands for Residual Current Circuit Breaker.
It operates with Voltage.It operates on current.
ELCB needs a good earth connection in order to function properly.No need good earth connection in order to function properly.
Leakage or Fault current should flow from the earth’s path. Otherwise, it will not operates.Leakage or fault current should flow from the earth. Otherwise, it will not operates.

So, that is the main difference between the ELCB and RCCB. In this article, we are trying to catch all the points related to the Best RCCB Brands in India. We hope that you enjoy this Best RCCB Brands in India topic in Wirekhoj India.

RCCB Connection Diagram

RCCB is one of the most popular electrical devices. So, we need the connection diagram of RCCB. So, follow the below image to understand the Best RCCB Brands in India Diagram.

RCCB Connection Diagram

So, this is the RCCB Connection Diagram. This is also the working principle of the RCCB. It helps you to know about the working principle with the RCCB Connection diagram.

Best RCCB Brands in India

As we know that we already covered the best mccb and mcb in India. But, in this article, we share some important stats in front of you which help you to know about the best rccb brands in India. 

India is the top population country. So, the electrical, electrical equipment and electrical products demand is raised day by day. So, we share some best rccb brands or best rccb companies for you.

1. Havell’s RCCB

Havell’s RCCB is one of the most proprietary products which helps you to protect from electrical shocks. 

It protects you from getting electrocuted in case of current leakage, by turning off the circuit as soon as there is a human touch.

Havell’s RCCB caught the very high electrical market by using their marketing strategy and increasing popularity day by day. Havell’s India provides the most efficient and most affordable prices range of products in the market. 

So, in this electrical industry, Havell’s RCCB plays the most important role. Many companies provide their RCCB with different types of features and benefits. But Havell’s RCCB provides the most effective benefits and features among the Best RCCB Brands in India.

Havell’s RCCB Features & Benefits

Havell's RCCB

So, Here are some points or a list behalf on the Havell’s RCCB. These features or benefits make the most top-class Rccb in all the electrical brands. So, these features and benefits are as follows:

  • It makes, carries, and break the current under normal service condition.
  • It is available in Double Pole & Four Pole versions.
  • Type AC and Type A RCCB.
  • Simple and Robust Operating System Mechanism.
  • Dual termination for bus bar as well as a cable connection.
  • Advance neutral.
  • Test buttons for regular inspection
  • Conditional Short Circuit Current capacity 10kA.
  • ISI and CE marking. RoHS compliant “Green Product”.
  • 16 A – 63 A Range.
  • 30mA, 100mA, 300mA sensitivity.
  • 2P (Double Pole) & 4P (Four Pole) Execution.
  • IS 12640 Part 1/ IEC 61008-1 /EN 61008 – 1 based specification.

Protection Against Fire 

Rated Tripping Current of the RCD (I ∆ n )Maximum permissible earth fault loop impedance (Ohms)
10mA5000 Ohms
30mA1666 Ohms
100mA500 Ohms
300mA166 Ohms

Havell’s RCCB Other Benefits

rccb features
  • Havell provides the safety terminals in their Best RCCB Brands in India.
  • Large Cable Terminals
  • Bi Stable Clip
  • Cooler Operations

2. Legrand’s RCCB

Legrand’s is also the best RCCB Company or brand in India. We notice that the company provides the most valuable and usable products. The quality of the products is very classic and gives top-class features.

As you can see, In our list Legrand’s RCCB is our 2nd Best RCCB in India. This means not that they give fewer features but as a result, Legrand’s provides the most unique and more awesome features in their RCCB for their loving customers.

Legrand’s RCCB Features

rccb parts 1 |
  • ISI Marking
  • RoHS Complaint
  • Double Break Mechnisim
  • Ergonomic Red Handle
  • AC22 A & 10kA ICS
  • Trip Indicator
  • Improved Relay Design
  • Ergonomic test button 
  • AC, A & HPI versions 
  • High safety terminals 
  • Standard Marking

Legrand’s RCCB Benefits

There are some other features in Legrand’s RCCB which are as follows:

rccb benefits (1)
  • Sliding Shutters
  • New to Clamp for all tools
  • Technical labelling area
  • Integrated label holder
  • Colour Coded handle with ON/OFF colour indication
  • Environment Friendly
  • Improved Air Channels
  • Bottom Clamps
  • Battery replacement 
  • Weekly switching view 
  • Operating date & time 
  • Programming menus 
  • +/- buttons 
  • Data key 
  • Menu
  • Operating Model

3. Anchor RCCB

Anchor is one of the most efficient and India-top class companies. Panasonic is the parent company of Anchor. Panasonic sells its electrical products under the name of Anchor.

 So, as you know that how many features provide by Panasonic in other kinds of products?

Similar Anchor RCCB also gives the unique type of features and benefits in their Best RCCB Brands in India.

 Anchor made more other products in the electrical industry. The nature of the Anchor RCCB is a long-lasting and durable featured product.

Anchor RCCB Features

Standard ConformityIS 12640 – 1.2016, IE 61008-1
PoleDP & FP
Current Rating25A, 40A & 63A
Rated Voltage240/415V AC
Rated Sensitivity30mA,100mA & 300mA
ProtectionAgainst earth fault / Leakage current
Operating DeviceCurrent Operating Device
Rated Frequency50Hz
Nuisance TrippingNo
Operating Characteristic‘AC’ Type
Dielectric Strength2.5kV
Terminal Capacity35sqmm
Protection ClassIP20

Anchor RCCB Benefits

  • Energy Saving
  • Protection of Earthing Against Corrosion
  • Protection Against Direct Current
  • Protection Against Indirect Current
  • Protection against Electric Fire

4. Schneider Electric RCCB

Schneider Electrical is a french multinational company that distributes its products all over India. Schneider Electrical focused on digital automation and energy management products. 

The company also exists in different kinds of markets like homes, buildings, data centres, infrastructure, and industries.

Schneider Electric Features

CurrentNominal 1A – 125A
Sensitivity30mA – Additional Protect Against Direct Contact
Additional Sensitivity100,300, 500mA Sensitivities
TypeB Type – Protection of installation with 3 Phase Rectifier
ProtectionType “Si” Protection of sensitive circuit
Selective VersionTripping the device the closest to the fault
Compliance with StandardsIEC EN 61008 Certified
Industry StandardIEC 60947 Suitable for Isolation
Operating Voltage440VAC
Insulation Voltage500V

Schneider Electric RCCB Benefits

  • Schneider Electric RCCB is a reliable, robust, and high-quality Best RCCB Brands in India.
  • It provides optimal Protection across the tertiary and industrial buildings.
  • Simply Natural compliments to C60 – C120 Circuit Breakers.


ABB is a Sweden multinational corporation company. This company is established in 1988. Now the company is becoming India’s most electrical products selling brand or company. 

The company provides heavy electrical equipment and technology-based electrical products. ABB RCCB is one of the best RCCBs in the Best RCCB Brands in Indian market. If any electrician or contractor is brought ABB RCCB then the choice is awesome.

ABB RCCB Features

RegulationIEC 61008, EN 61008, and DIN VDE 0664
Number of Poles2 Poles or 4 Poles
Rated Current16, 25,43,63A
Operating Current10, 30, 100, 300, 500 mA
Tripping Range0.5 … 1 · In – 0.11 … 1.4 · In 
Tripping Time1 x 1.4 In:  300 ms; 5 x 1.4 In:  40
Frequency50 to 60 Hz
Surge Voltage4kV

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Basically, the conclusion is formed that if you making any home, building and any other type of the industry. Then make sure, you have to assemble the RCCB at that place. Because Best RCCB Brands in India provides protection from electrical shocks.

So, in this article, we discuss all the Best RCCB Brands in India and their most popular brands. We also discussed the Best RCCB Brands in India features and their benefits. So, if you like our article. Then please share this article with your friends and family.

If you have any queries or doubts regarding this article then please comment below or connect us via email.

Note: All information is getting from different kinds of resources. So, we are not reliable for the information. Make sure before doing anything, kindly contact your electrician.

FAQ Related to RCCB

How to calculate the RCCB Rating?

To calculate the RCCB rating is quite easy. So, here is an example, which helps you to calculate the RCCB rating.

Load =KW, Voltage =  415 Volt, PF = 0.8, CB = ?

KVA = KW/0.8(PF) ⇒  40KW/0.8 ⇒  50kVA

Current ⇒  I ⇒  Load / 415 * Root of 3 ⇒  50*1000/415*1.732

⇒  50,000/718 ⇒ 69A/70A

Circuit Breaker Solution ⇒  Current * 25% For Safty Footer

⇒  70A * 1.25 ⇒  88 A

Circuit Breaker Selected Will to be 100A. Because 88A circuit breaker is not available in the market. So, we need a 100 A Circuit Breaker.

What is the Full Form of RCCB?

RCCB Full Form is Residual Current Circuit Breaker. RCCB also known as the ELCB – is Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker. RCCB is an electrical device that helps to stop the electrical supply when the system observes an electrical fault.

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