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Electric tools or Electrician Tools is the major part of every electrician’s working life. Many of the electricians work in their daily life. But they have a lot of electric tools, sometimes they have some tools to see but often some tools are not available with them.

So, in this article Wirekhoj gives the basic pieces of information of the best all electric tools that are very important for use in daily electrical life. We search for the best top electric tools that are a very important part of an electrician.

Often you must have seen that whenever you want to do wiring or go to do any electrical work, then at that time there is a lot of need for such an item which is not available with you at that time.

So to fulfill those needs we have In this article, some important tools have been defined for you, with the help of which you can collect good quality tools and make a great fitting or wiring for yourself.

What are Electric Tools

Best electric tools are the types of electrical devices or electrical products or electrical components that are necessary to use in the electrical field to discover new things.

Electric Tools are some of the components or products that are absolutely used in that field where you are doing the electrical work.

Electrical Power Tools may be mechanical, digital, or a device and machines. Finally, these all tools are necessary to complete any work related to electrical work.

Whoever is an electrician in this world, the complete work is incomplete without basic electric tools, so you always have to take the best electric tools with you. 

When you are going to the market to purchase the tools then you have no more knowledge about it. But this article has a pure list that helps you to select your best electric tools.

Definitely, if you acquire these tools then you have no need to purchase any other types of products. In this article, we show you the best electric tools kit at a price.

Best Electric Tools

So, guys, there are many types of electric tools that are used in our daily electrician life. In this article, we will show you the top best electric tools that are introduced by Wirekhoj.

1.  Screwdriver Kit Set

Screwdriver is the most common thing in the electrician product. This is only one common product that is used by all types of electrical. This is a device or component which is used to tight or loose the screw.

screw drivers

It is a screwdriver in which the rear part is wrapped with plastic and the front part is very thin and sharp, the front history is rotated by trapping it inside the screen and due to which you; can tighten or loose the screw body easily.

The market has many types of screwdrivers. These all are good but they do not fulfill your requirements easily. So, here we provide you with a list of the best screwdrivers with the price.

Best Screwdrivers List With Price

Sr. NoBest Screwdriver NamePrice in Rupees
1Visko Tools 111 8 Blades Combination Screw Driver Set with TesterRs. 129
2AmazonBasics Ratcheting Screwdriver and Bits (8 x 4.6 x 1.3 inch) Set – 26-Piece – Amazing DealRs. 899
3AmazonBasics 17-Piece Electronics Repair Screwdriver Set, multicolorRs. 499
4AmazonBasics 41-Piece Magnetic Ratchet Screwdriver Set, multicolor – Amazing DealRs. 729
5Cable World 32 in 1 Mini Screwdriver Bits Set with Magnetic Flexible Extension RodRs. 249
6AmazonBasics 151-piece Screwdriver Bit Set – Amazing DealRs. 2129
7Jackly Magnetic ScrewDriver 31 in 1 Tool KitRs. 218
8Taparia 833 Steel (4.0 x 0.6mm) Flat Tip Screwdriver (Green and Silver)Rs. 41
9BLACK+DECKER BDH 62298 Steel Screwdriver Standard-5x100mm (Orange)Rs. 73
10Visko Tools 101 Screwdriver Kit (Red, 6-Pieces)Rs. 129

So, this is the proper list of the screwdriver Kit Set. Definitely, these all are the best screwdrivers with the best brand. You can purchase the best screwdriver kit set. 

The prices of these screwdriver kit sets may decrease or increase with time. But these all screwdrivers are the best quality. 

If you are looking for all your favorite items then you can purchase them from the eCommerce platforms like Amazon or Flipkart. These all items are available for all of them.

2. Electrical Pliers Set

This is also the amazing gazette to be introduced in the electrical field. It is a device which is used to make a connection or remove between the wires. This type of the component is known as the Electrical Pliers Set.

electrical pleirs

So, this is the basic component which gives you the features of connecting the wire or stabilizing the wires. So, there are some  important sets of the electrical pliers set. 

Electrical Pliers Set Price

Now in this article we provide some electrical pliers set with prices. As we know that the prices may decrease or increase from time to time.

Sr. No.Name of Electrical PliersPrice in Rupees
1Taparia Insulated Lineman Combination Cutting PlierRs. 221
3Volo De Neers 200 mm/ 8″ Insulated Lineman Combination Cutting PlierRs. 250
4Taparia 1430-6N Long Nose PlierRs. 229
5TATA AGRICO Heavy Duty Combination Plier, Wire Cutters, All Purpose Hand Tool (7 inch)Rs. 245
6PILERMAN Sturdy Steel Combination Plier 8-inch for Home & Professional Use and Electrical WorkRs. 199
7Taparia 1101-6 Econ Side Cutting PlierRs. 149
8PILERMAN Sturdy Steel Combination Plier 8-inch for Home & Professional Use and Electrical WorkRs. 189
9Taparia 1403 Long Nose Mini PlierRs. 139
10Fennec Mart™ Long Nose PlierRs. 399

So, this is the electrical plier’s set products price list with names. You can purchase all types of products from the different types of e-commerce platforms.

3. Flashlights

The flashlight is such an important device that is used in the electrical field, whenever you are in a place where there is darkness, then this flashlight is used there. 


You get to see a lot of types in a flashlight but we are here. We have brought some of the best flashlights for you, which you can use for a long time.

Electrical Flashlight List with Price

So, guys, there are many types of flashlights which were introduced by us. This flashlight provides us with full-minded research. If you used these types of electrical flashlights then absolutely you can be doing the well-done work with the help of this gazette.

Sr. No.Electrical Flashlight Products NamePrice is Rs.
1iBELL FL8359 Rechargeable Torch FlashlightRs. 1275
2jy super Metal Abacus 8990 Rechargeable High Power TorchRs. 399
3EzLife Aluminium LED Flashlight, BlackRs. 445
4iBELL FL8336 Rechargeable Flashlight TorchRs. 1005
5Swabs® Aluminium 7 Mode Rechargeable Solar LED TorchRs. 1349
6Voroly Solar Torch Light High Power Long Distance Rechargeable 7 Modes Emergency ToolRs. 999
7Coleman LED Flashlight Divide+ 250 Lumens, Bright CREE LED TorchRs. 2018
8kidzone Mini Pocket LED FlashlightRs. 165
9iBELL FL8325 Rechargeable Torch FlashlightRs. 973
10Home Brilliant 7 Mode Rechargeable Solar LED Torch Flashlight 

Guys this is also the products price list of the electrical price list. Electrical Flashlight is the best electric tool that is used in the electrical field.

4. Network Cable Tester

Network Cable Tester is the electrical device component that is used to verify the electrical connections or electrical signals in the cables. So, this phenomenon is known as the network cable tester.

network cable tester

So here is the list of the best network cable testers devices that are bought from the various types of the eCommerce platform. These devices are always used in daily electrician life.

Network Cable Tester Products Price Lists

Here are the best top network cable tester products which are introduced with their behaviors and brands. So, the price list is given below:

Sr. NoNetwork Cable Tester Products NamePrices in Rs.
1Ultima RJ45 RJ11 RJ12 CAT5 CAT 6 UTP Network Lan Cable Tester ToolRs. 259
2rts Radhey Techno Services RJ45 RJ11 RJ12 CAT5 CAT 6 UTP Network LAN Cable Tester Test ToolRs. 348
3Pruthvik J45 and RJ11 Network Cable TesterRs. 348
4Cpixen Network Cable TesterRs. 309
5Oraima Network Cable Tester Lan J45 and RJ11Rs. 240
6LipiWorld High Quality RJ45 RJ11 RJ12 CAT5 CAT6 UTPRs. 322
7Glink GLT-103 Network Interface CardRs. 339
8Terabyte RJ45 and RJ11 LAN Internet Ethernet Network Cable TesterRs. 322
9Veokart Net RJ45 Network Cable Tester Ethernet LAN WireRs. 295
10Etake Network Wire LAN Tester Network RJ45 RJ11 RJ12 Cable Rs. 269

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Guys this is the best network cable test fully printable products list. This price list includes the best types of electrical network cable tester gadgets.

5. Loose Cable Stapler

It is a device that is used to stapler the cable or bind the cable. This is the type of gun in which you can easily faster and square the cable becomes the stapler. 

loose cable stepler

This device is mainly used by many electricians. So, I think this is the best one of the electric tools for you.

Loose Cable Stapler Names and Price List

There is the best top 5 loose cable stapler that actually works for you in your electrical field. So, the best loose cable stapler price list is as follows:

Sr. No.Loose Cable Stapler Names Price is Rs.
1Miles TS-623 Gun TackerRs. 725
2AmazonBasics 3 in 1 Heavy Duty Staple Gun with 600pcs staples – 4-14mmRs. 729
3Cable Installer’s Stapler – Insulated StaplesRs. 2190
4Rapid Pro R36E Staple Gun Cable with Patented TriggerRs. 5086
5Miles By Kangaro Tp-10 Guntacker With Staple Pins ComboRs. 539

However, these are the best loose cable staplers at a price. You should buy these all products from the different types of eCommerce websites which provide you these all types of staplers.

6. Klein Test Meter

Klein Test Meter is also a very common device used in various forms of electricity. Klein Test Meter is an electrical device that is used to AC and DC Voltage, AC and DC Current, and Resistance.

klein test meter

This is the electrical tester that provides you with many of the functions that help you in the checking of the voltage, current, and resistance. So, this device is known as the Klein Test Meter.

Klein Test Meter Price Lists

So, there are many types of Klein Test Meter. But in this article, we show you the best top amazing and fantastic Klein test meter. So, there products price list of the Klein test meter is given below:

Sr. No.Klein Test Meter NamesPrice in Rupees
1Cable Tester, LAN Scout Jr. 2 Ethernet Cable TesterRs. 11999
2Klein Tools LAN Scout Jr. Tester – Electric ToolsRs. 9734

So, these are the two best Klein test meters which have different types of prices. Their prices sometimes move up to down or down to up. So, now you can buy these products from different eCommerce websites.

7. Voltage Tester

A voltage tester is the type of electrical equipment or device which is used to check the presence of electricity in the electrical field or any electrical component. So, this phenomenon of checking electricity is called Voltage Tester.

Voltage tester image

Voltage Tester also says with another name as tester pen. You can use it from different types of electrical circuits. When you use this voltage tester then it indicates the red light that shows there is the presence of the electricity.

Voltage Tester Products Price Lists

These are the top best voltage tester products. You can check these all products from this voltage tester products price list. The voltage tester products are as follows;

Sr. No.Voltage Tester Products NamePrice in Rupees
1Konvoi Neer Voltage Tester – Electric ToolsRs. 399
2Taparia MDTN82 Plastic Digital Tester with LCD Display and Neon Bulb (Black)Rs. 129
3Taparia Digital Voltage Tester MDT 81Rs. 89
4KROST Non Contact Touch Less Voltage Alert Pen TesterRs. 224
5Ingco HSDT1408 Voltage Tester, Slotted ScrewdriverRs. 189
6STANLEY 66-137 Digital Detection Tester and ScrewdriverRs. 119
7HASTHIP Non-Contact Voltage TesterRs. 699
8KUNDIP K-66 Voltage Tester AC/DC Electronic Voltmeter with LED indicatorRs. 225
9Nexqua Voltage Tester, Pen Type Electric Voltage Power DetectorRs. 399
10xcluma Led Light Ac Electric Voltage Tester Alert Pen DetectorRs. 259

So, guys, this is the voltage tester products price list. You can buy these products from a different eCommerce website. Now we are moving to the next electrical tool.

8. Probes and Test Cables

Probes and test cables are the devices that are used to connect the electrical test component. These all are the types of connectors that are used to pass the electricity from them and make the secure connection. 

probes and cables

Probes and Test Cables look like the electrical pan with the cable that is as shown in the figure. If you want to make the connections by using these probes and test cable connectors. So, this process is called the probes and test cables connectors.

Probes and Test Cables Price List

Probes and test cables Price list is announced by us from searching or researching from the different types of the website. So, you can get the probes and test cables products list that are as follows:

Sr. No.Probes and Test CablesPrice in Rupees
1Catchex Multimeter Cord Probe Set Test CableRs. 299
2DHRUV-PRO Multimeter Cord Probe Set Test CableRs. 198
3amiciTools Extra Long Pins Test Leads Probe Replacement Pair Cable – Electric ToolsRs. 349
4Universal Digital Multimeter Cord Probe Test Cable 10Amp Lead NeedleRs. 199
5Noctronique FTCH1114600 Multimeter Test LeadsRs. 225
6Electro Doc Multimeter Long Tip Test Probe Replacement Pair CableRs. 209
8Anbau Needle Tipped Tip Multimeter Probes Test Leads Tester 1000V 20A 90cm CableRs. 977
9Ovicart Universal Analog Multimeter Cord Probe Test Cable – Electric ToolsRs. 199
10Festnight 1 Pair Lead Multimeter Pen for Test Probe Wire Cable for FlukeRs. 479

9. Electrical Hammer

Electrical Hammer is the basic product that is used for various types of works. But in this article, we cover this component for the electrical tool. If you can use these products then you can easily make the path for the electrical wiring.

electrical hammer

Electrical Hammer is the tool that is used for beating and after that, whatever material this customer does on this, it loses its control and continues to work under the control of the hammer.

Hammer looks like a piece of the wooden strip and the piece or the iron. The wooden piece is the hand tool and the piece of the iron is the most valuable part which is used to make the force for the component.

Electrical Hammer Products List

The market has many types of electrical hammers but there are the top 10 best electrical hammers. These hammers are the best top brands. The electrical hammers products list are as follows;

Sr. No.Electrical Hammers ProductsPrice
1Visko Tools 703 Claw Hammer (Black)Rs. 215
2Taparia WH110B Ball Pein Hammer with HandleRs. 125
3Taparia CLH 450 Claw Hammer with Handle – Electric ToolsRs. 345
4Python Claw Hammer 2G Indestructible Fiberglass 450 GMS / 14″ (350 MM)Rs. 410
5REAL stf Heavy Duty Sledgehammer Fine Fiber Handle 1.5 LBS.Rs. 400
6Taparia CH 340 Claw Hammer with Handle – Electric ToolsRs. 310
7Taparia MH200 Machinist Hammers with HandleRs. 150
8Volo soft faced hammer with two nylon mallets (Color: Red)Rs. 310
9Python Claw Hammer Steel Shaft Grip 225 GMS / 12″ (305 MM)Rs. 233
10REAL stf Sledge Hammer Fine Fiber Handle (1lbs)Rs. 393

Electrical Hammer is many types of products. They are the best electrical hammer. The prices of these electrical hammers may decrease or increase. You can buy these all products from the different types of e-commerce websites.

10. Electrical Tapes

Electrical tape is one of the most common products that are used in electrical wiring or electrical field. You can use these electrical tapes from the different types of work.

Electrical Tapes

Electrical Tape is the most popular fixing of the cables with each other. When the wire is removable from its functions then this tape is used in the electrical work.

Electrical Tapes Product List with Prices

So, guys, there are many types of tapes available in the market. So, the prices of electrical tapes are increasing or decreasing. 

Sr. No. Electrical Tapes Products NamePrice in Rupees
1ETIPL PVC Insulation Electrical Tape 3/4″X8YardsX0.125mm Set of 6 (Black)Rs. 150
2Macklon® 8 Meter Self Adhesive PVC Electrical Insulation  TapeRs. 450
3Euro® ISI Marked Genuine PVC Insulation Electrical Tape – Electric ToolsRs. 199
4Electronic Spices Electrical Insulation Tape, 8 mtrs, Assorted Colour)-PACK OF 5Rs. 59
5Pidilite Steelgrip Self Adhesive PVC electrical Insulation Tape – Pack of 30 Assorted Rolls (6.50m Each)Rs. 299
6AmazonCommercial Electrical Tape, 1.9 cm by 66-Feet, BLack, 6-Pack – Electric ToolsRs. 257
73M Scotch Vinyl Color Coding Electrical Tape 35, 3/4 in x 66 ft, RedRs. 350
8DHARKAN Double Sided Adhesive Silicone Tape – Electric ToolsRs. 329
9Tfpro Black 0.125 X 18 mm 10 Yards Self Adhesive PVC Waterproof Electrical Insulation TapeRs. 339
10Black Color 10 Yards 0.125mmX18mm (Pack of 5 Pcs)Rs. 229

So, guys, these all are the prices of the electrical tapes. Now we are moving from the next point that is the wire and conduit tools.

11. Wire & Conduit Tools

Wire and Conduit tools are the way in which the end of the wire is attached with the wire conduit tools. By using this, you can easily connect the wire with the electrical circuit. The full process can see in the figure. 

Wire Conduit Tools

In market have many types of wire and conduit tools. You can buy this product from different types of an e-commerce website.

Wire and Conduit Tools Price List

Sr. No.Products NamePrice in Rs.
1Leepesx 200pcs Black Nylon Screw Wire Clips P-Type CableRs. 2429
2. Generic 30M Fiberglass Fish Tape Reel Puller Conductive Electrical Cable PullerRs. 9215

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12. Wire Connector

Wire Connector is the electrical equipment that is used to making a very tight connection with another electrical wire. This process of tightening the electrical wire is called the wire connector.

Wire Connector

Wire Connector is used in various types of electrical functions. This component is the small type of piece in which the wire is adjusted in the hole or the wire connector. If we use this wire connector then we make the full tight connection between the wire connector.

Wire Connector Products Price List

Sr. No.Wire ConnectorProducts NamePrice in Rupees
1METRENO 2 Bolts Quick Push Type Lock Electric Wire ConnectorsRs. 140
2eHUB Fully Insulated Male Female Spade Bullet Wire Connector – Electric ToolsRs. 399
3ERH India (Pack of 10) JST Connector Wire Male and Female 2 Pin Locking Type Cable ConnectorRs. 99
4eHUB 120pcs Female/Male Insulated Quick Disconnect Wire Terminals ConnectorsRs. 699
5Rpi Shop – 200 Pcs Assortment Ferrule Wire Copper Crimp ConnectorRs. 360
6eHUB Fully Insulated Male Female Wire Bullet Electrical Crimp Terminals ConnectorRs. 349
7eHUB Fully Insulated Male Female Spade Bullet Wire ConnectorRs. 399
8eHUB Ring Insulated Electrical Wire Crimp Terminals ConnectorsRs. 399
9PGSA2Z Terminal Strip Screw Terminal Barrier Block 10A 12 Position Dual Row Type H Wire Connector 3 PiecesRs. 380
10Plastic Fully Insulated Male Female Wire Bullet Connector – Electric ToolsRs. 349

13. Cable Ties

Cable ties are used at that time when many wires are open and scattered around the time of electrical wiring, then at that time, this electrical tie is used, with the help of which all those wires hold it together. All the wires are gathered together, this process is called an electrical tie.

cable ties

Cable ties are very thin and flexible make with nylon or plastic. Cable Ties are easy to use for various types of holding items or wires. You can purchase these cable ties at a very low cost of the amount.

Cable Ties Products Price Lists

Sr. No.Wire Ties ProductsPrice in Rs.
1CONTACT Assorted 8-inch Nylon Cable Ties Tie Wire Organiser Ties 100 PiecesRs. 130
2Cable Tie (Stainless Steel) – Pack of 50Pcs – Electric ToolsRs. 410
3NM- Nylon Cable tie (White) – Pack of 100 (4 Inches)Rs. 45
4Aeoss Magic Reusable Nylon Cable Ties with Eyeholes (Black, 14.5 cm) – Pack of 30 pcsRs. 359
5Novoflex 100mm Cable Ties, Pack of 100, BlackRs. 123
6Gizga Essentials Reusable Cable Ties Strap with Double Sided Hook & Loop Wire Organizer Pack of 50Rs. 399
7CONTACT Assorted 6 inch Nylon Cable Ties Tie Wire Organiser Ties 100 Pieces (White)Rs. 120

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14. Wire Stripper

Wire Stripper is the tool that is used to strip or remove the insulation from the wire. This is a simple process in which a wire is stripping with the help of the wire stripper. Many of the time when you want to connect another wire with the wire then you need to strip the wire.

Wire Stripper

At that time, you used a blade or sometimes people use their teeth to strip the wire. So, those times this wire stripper helps you to remove the insulation from the wire.

As we know that, the market has many different types of strippers with different prices. But in this article, we share the most useful and valuable wire strippers for you.

Wire Stripper Price List

Sr. No.Wire Stripper Tools NamePrice in Rupees
1STANLEY 84-475-22 150mm/6” Wire Stripper with Cutting EdgeRs. 521
2Ego No. 2 DLX Self Adjusting Wire Strippers and NippersRs. 300
3PagKis Self Adjusting Cable/Wire Cutter StripperRs. 330
4Crasts Wire Stripper 24-10 AW 34-3 Gauge 0.2-6 mm Automatic Wire Stripping ToolRs. 625
5AGARO Multi-Purpose Wire Stripper and CutterRs. 399
6Inditrust Self Adjusting Cable/Wire Cutter StripperRs. 317
7ElectroBot Eb-cbw Rotary Coax Coaxial Cable Wire Cutter Stripping ToolRs. 385
8JAKEMY 7″ Wire Stripper Clamp Hardware Tool Cutter PlierRs. 440
9Multitec mt-02dx Self Adjusting Cutter/Stripper – Electric ToolsRs. 315
10Harden 6.5″ Professional 2in1 Grinding Cutter and StripperRs. 410

So, these all are the best wire stripper which is used to strip or remove the insulation of the wire. There are all types of the stripper with a price. You can buy of your choice.

15. Wire Cutter

A wire Cutter is a electric tool is used to cutting wires. People are using the blades but that time was going. Now we are going on the new time that is of Wire Cutter. You can easily cut the wires with a single press.

Wire Cutter

The process of cutting the wire is known as a wire cutter. Wirecutter is presented with different types in the market. But we are taking the best top wire cutters.

Wire Cutter Products Price List

Sr. No.Wire Cutter Products NamesPrice in Rupees
1CRAE 06 Nippers and Micro Shears Wire Cutter from 0.8 to 1.4 mm – Electric ToolsRs. 225
2Taparia WS 05 Steel (130mm) Wire Stripping Plier (Green and Black)Rs. 57
3Visko Tools 239 6-inch Wire Cutter or StripperRs. 92
4Taparia WS06 Wire Stripping Plier (Green and Black)Rs. 61
5Inditrust Cable Wire Insulation Stripper Cutter ToolRs. 319
6STANLEY 84-475-22 150mm/6” Wire Stripper with Cutting EdgeRs. 521
7Taparia 1405 Side Cutting Mini PlierRs. 159
8Taparia CC-06 Cable Cutters, Blue & SilverRs. 285
9Inditrust 8 Inch Mini Bolt and Wire Cutter Bolt Clipper Cable CutterRs. 299
10Thermo Yamato Stainless Steel Nipper/Cutter (Blue Handle)Rs. 398

So, these are the electrical wire cutter which is used to cut the electrical wires. These all cutters are of good quality with amazing features. Check out these cutters that you liked from the different types of eCommerce platforms.

16. Electrical Gum Gun Tool

Electrical Gum Gun is a tool with the help of which you can stick anything together, it has glue that comes out through the electrical gum gun. 

electricala gum gun

It melts due to the high temperature in the electrical gum gun tool and It comes out, because of this you can stick any object or any electrical works together.

Electrical Gum Gun Tool Price List

Sr. No.Electrical Gum Gun Tools NamesPrice in Rupees
120W 20 WATT 7MM HOT MELT Glue Gun with ON Off Switch and LED Indicator (Free 10 Transparent Glue Sticks)Rs. 168
2GUNK 40 W Glue Gun with 8 Sticks -ComboRs. 169
3GLUN Ougesen Mini 20w 20 Watt Hot Melt Glue Gun (7mm) (White and 5 Sticks)Rs. 246
4THEMISTO – built with passion20 Watt Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun with 10 Glue SticksRs. 235
5Fadman Mini Plastic 20 Watt Hot Melt Glue Gun with 15 Adhesive Transparent Sticks (Red)Rs. 286
7Mega Glue Gun Generic Glue Gun 40W With 8 SticksRs. 167
8STANLEY 69-GR20B Plastic GluePro Trigger Feed Hot Melt Glue Gun, YellowRs. 551
9GLUN 20W 20 WATT 7MM HOT MELT Glue Gun (10 Sticks, Yellow)Rs. 229
10Aadvay Enterprises 80W Hot Melt Glue Gun with 10 Transparent Glue SticksRs. 335

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17. Electrical Drill Machine

Electrical Drilling Machine is a type of device in which you can hole from anywhere like walls, iron, and any other types of component. It helps you to drill the house wall in which you can hole on the wall.

Drilling machine

The market provides you many types of the electrical drill machine but the performance and the reliability or a brand is not sufficient for it.

But here we cover all the useful and brandable products list in this table that are given below in the electrical drill machine price list.

Electrical Drill Machine Price List

Sr. No.Electrical Drill Machine Price ListPrice in Rs.
1IBELL ED06-91 High Speed 10MM, 400W, 2800RPM Electric Drill with Bit Sets, Corded-electricRs. 1596
2Bosch Gbm 350 Professional Rotary DrillRs. 1729
3Bosch GSB 500W 500 RE Corded-Electric Drill Tool SetRs. 3748
4Bosch Gbm 350 Professional Rotary Drill, Wood & Metal Work (350 Watt Blue),Corded Electric, 1 PackRs. 1729
5Aimex Plastic Powerful Electric Screwdriver/Drill MachineRs. 1240
6IBELL ED10-30,10MM, 500W,2800RPM Electric Drill MachineRs. 1719
7Bosch GSB 501 500-Watt Professional Impact Drill Machine (Blue)Rs. 2324
8Bosch GSB 16RE Impact Drill 16 MM – Electric ToolsRs. 6229
9Bosch GSB 450-Watt Plastic Impact Drill (Blue)Rs. 2151
10Goldtech 10Mm Powerful Heavy Copper Winding Electric Drill MachineRs. 999

18. Electrical Cutter Machine

Electrical Cutter Machine is an electrical device that is used for cutting the materials like tiles and stones etc. When you are trying to house wiring then you cut the walls by using an electrical cutter etc.

electrical gum gun

The market also provides you with many types of electrical cutters. The different types of products are given in the electrical cutter machine price list.

Electrical Cutter Machine Price List

Sr. No.Electrical Cutter Machine NamesPrice in Rupees
1iBELL Marble Cutter / Multi Purpose Cutter 1050WRs. 2269
2AKSHAR Marble Cutter Machine Capacity 110MMRs. 1699
3Josch Jc4 Made in India Heavy Duty Marble/Tile/Granite/Stone/Wood/Brick/Porcelain/Ceramic Cutter (1050 W, 12000 Rpm, 4 Inch, Blue)Rs. 2049
4iBELLMC25-84 Marble Cutter, 1300 Watts, 13000 RPM, 125 mmRs. 2791
5Bosch GDC 120 Professional Marble CutterRs. 3194
6Aimex Powerful Plastic 4 inches Marble/Wood Cutter with Blade (1050 W, Green)Rs. 1909
7Cheston Marble Tile Stone Cutter Machine Capacity 110MM 1050 W 12000 RPMRs. 1899

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19. Multimeter

A multimeter is a device or an electric tools that is used to measure the electrical current, electrical voltage, and Resistance. This device is commonly used by the electrician. Mainly multimeters have existed in two types an analog multimeter and digital multimeter.


Multimeter Price List

Sr. No.Multimeter Products ListsPrice in Rupees
1Fluke 106 Palm Sized Digital MultimeterRs. 3865
2Mextech Mas830l 3 Digit, 1999 Counts, 600 Ac/dc Voltage Digital MultimeterRs. 563
3Mastech MAS830L Digital Pocket Multimeter (Assorted)Rs. 735
4Fluke 101 Pocket Digital MultimeterRs. 2980
5HTC Instruments Digital Multimeter with 6000 CountRs. 1454

So, these are the top 5 best multimeters. You can buy these multimeters with the help of various types of e-commerce platforms.

20. Wires

Wires are the most common and valuable plus more important electric tools in the electrical field. Without any types of electrical wires, you can not able to follow the Electrical current. Best wires for the house wiring offered the best companies that are as follows:

Electrical wires
  • Havell’s Wires
  • Polycab Wires
  • Syska Wires
  • V – Guard Wires
  • Finolex Wires

So, there are many types of wires that are very important tools for the electrician.


So, guys here we discussed the best electric tools and basic electric tools. We also discussed here all other types of electric tools and products. In this article, we cover the prices of these electric tools.

I hope you enjoy this article. If you like this article, then please share this article with your friends and relatives. If you have any queries related to the electric tools then please contact us via email or the contact us page section.

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