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Diwali Lights Decoration Home Idea is the process in which all peoples of India celebrate Diwali. But we noticed that many of the people were confused, how to decorate their homes with lights on Diwali. 

We know that Diwali is the big festival of India in which all peoples are assembled in one place and celebrate Diwali. All the relatives and brothers who happened during this time gather among themselves and make Deepawali. 

But have you noticed the lighting of your house at that time? If not so attractive, then what will be the effect on them? Due to this, you may also have to be ashamed. 

But we are coming with the best Diwali light decoration home ideas which help you to decorate your home. So which topics we discussed here those topics are as follow: 

  • Diwali Lights
  • Diwali Lights Decoration Home Ideas
  • Light Diwali Background
  • Diwali Light Decoration Outside Home
  • Diwali Lighting Products and Prices

So, guys here we discuss all these topics for you. If you are doing any type of decoration for your home then you can easily decorate your home with lights on Diwali.

Diwali Lights

Diwali Lights is the most beautiful idea that makes your home like heaven. As we know that many of the house sizes are bigger. But they have no idea how they can decorate their house. 

In case you are not using the lights at your home in the season of Diwali, then your home looks deserted. But in this article, we are coming with the Diwali lights decoration home ideas that help you on a higher level.

Diwali is the only festival when your home shines because of the lights and because of this scintillation your home is peaceful and beautiful to look at. 

Who is the person who does not want his house to look much better than the houses and in the process all the people collect the information, through the internet and gathering such little information, make their homes one convert?

In this view, Wirekhoj especially found some such Diwali Lights for you, due to which you too can make your home very beautiful and in the time of Diwali, your house will be much better and beautiful to look at than other houses.

Diwali Light Decoration Home Ideas

Here we have some such ideas for you, with the help of which you can make your home very beautiful. And we have displayed the list of these ideas in front of you that are shown below:


Diyas are the most powerful and most beautiful lights during Diwali. If you are thinking that different types of electrical components decorate your home on Diwali, then you are wrong.

If you are not using Diya at the festival of Diwali then your home is not shining. Diya is the purest form of Diwali lighting.

diwali diyas

Now the question is how many diyas are lights on Diwali? The answer is clearly, that you wish. Because Diyas are the ocean of love for Diwali. Because it completely depends upon you. 

But if you need our clear answer then you can use a minimum of 5 diyas in Diwali. In many of the places, people used 5 Lakhs diyas in Diwali. Because that is the belief of the people in God.

So definitely use diyas in your home and place all diyas in your home, balcony, and outside the home. So, this is the first and simple process of lighting.

Smart LED Bulbs

Now at the time, Smart Led Bulbs are the very easy and modern type of way to Diwali lighting in your room. Smart LED Bulbs is the type of bulb which helps you to decorate your home and your rooms with the help of different types of gradient lights.

smart led bulb

Many of the companies provide their own smart led bulbs with different and amazing features. So here are some companies brands Smart LED Bulbs which are as follows:

  • Wipro Smart Led Bulb
  • Havel’s Smart LED Lights
  • Syska Smart LED Bulb
  • Mi LED Smart LED Bulbs

So, these are the best smart LED bulbs that produce the best and amazing results in front of you. The prices of these smart LED bulbs are under Rs. 500. Now you can go from the different websites of the e-commerce and purchase the smart led bulb easily.

Flyte Levitating Light

In Diwali Festival, people were not forgotten to use so-piece light keep in their home. So those people were updated with the tech Diwali gadgets. People purchase this type of electrical gadget is helpful for decorating their home. Because Diwali is the festival of the lights.

In this time if you didn’t buy such things on Diwali then what kind of Diwali would it be? That’s why definitely you must give good too. But these electrical gadgets matter even more than the traditional light.

flight light

This is the type of levitating light that is floating in the air. In this, you get a small plot of magnetic in which it floats smoothly. This electrical light is not big enough to light up your entire room. But you can use these Diwali lights to decorate your home.

The amazing feature of this electrical light is that it looks like a magical gadget. Because its bulbs are floating in the air. So, this flyte levitating light is surprising light for the people.

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If you add this product to your home then people are interested to touch this electric gadget. So this is a gorgeous product for you to purchase or buy.

Nanoleaf Light Panels

So if you want to decorate your room, you can use it this Diwali Lights. This is an amazing feature type of gadget that provides you multicolor light panel. So that you can apply it in different ways on your wall. 

These light panels are like a thematic panels. As you will be able to change your life in different ways by connecting to your mobile phone. It can also change your color according to the theme of the music. 

nanoleaf light panel

The special thing about these lights is that you can create different themes for your room with the help of their different colors. 

On the other hand, this type of gadget becomes very important on Diwali because this type of culture will surely become a central attraction in your house. Lightning.

Smart LED Solar Golden Garden Light

Friends if you want to decorate your garden on Diwali then this product is very useful for you. By the way, we put a lot of skirting in the garden, etc. But it is not so reliable.

And at the same time, if you are pouring it on the trees and by mistake that waterfalls on the skirting lights, then at that time those lights are completely spoiled. 

So, guys in this you can use this smart led solar golden garden light which is almost waterproofed. It is specially made for the garden in this way. If waterfalls on it, it will not have any effect on it, because that is how it has been prepared.

solar light for garden

It works like a solar light and in fact, you do not need to give it any kind of external light, it does not need to be charged. This smart led soler golden garden light comes with a 650mAh built-in battery that can up to 20 hours of operation time.

The installation of this light is very easy. Because there has no wire for installation. You have to adjust this light in earth place easily. You get the app of this light which helps you to change the brightness, contrast, and color of this light.

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This one app, all control features provides you play bulb color, play bulb rainbow, play bulb candle, play bulb garden, aroma, pool, and coaster, etc. This type of light can really make your home very beautiful.

Diwali Lights Products Lists and Price

So, guys, there are many products for Diwali lighting. But we consider the best and amazing features of the gadgets that definitely help you to decorate your home in Diwali season.

Sr. No.Diwali Lights Products NamesPrice in Rs.
1Generic Hand Made Colourful Clay Diya for Diwali Decoration Deepak, lamp -Set of 15 Pieces with BattiRs. 298
2Wipro 9-Watt B22 WiFi Smart LED Bulb with Music SyncRs. 599
3Philips Wiz Smart WI-Fi LED Bulb B22 9-WattRs. 699
4Syska Wi-Fi Enabled Smart LED Bulb B22 7-WattRs. 699
5Mi LED Smart Color Bulb (B22)Rs. 799
6MI Smart LED Bulb with Adjustable Brightness, B22 BaseRs. 499
7Flyte Royal Levitating Magnetic LED LightRs. 599
8CORAL TREE Plastic Night Panels Wall Light Lamps, Multicolour, 5 PiecesRs. 3199
9Fizzytech Star String Lights for Indoor Outdoor Decoration Diwali LightRs. 299
10Fizzytech Star Light Curtain, String LightsRs. 600

So, guys, these are the best Diwali lights for decorating your home and garden. The prices of these Diwali lights are increases on decreases from time to time.

Note: If you want to purchase these Diwali lights then you can go to various e-commerce platforms like Amazon or Flipkart.


So, Guys in this article we were discussed the Diwali lights and Diwali lights decoration home ideas. We also include the best top electrical gadgets that are used in the Diwali lights.

If you like and enjoying our article then please share this article with your friends and relative. If you have any queries related to this article then please contact us on the contact us page section.

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