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In Domestic Electric Circuit we will learn about Electric Circuits. In this article we will discuss about all those parts or components of Electricity about which every electrician should know.

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Domestic Eletctric Circuit

Reading comprehension for designing domestic electric circuits and troubleshooting electrical problems is a vital skill for any electrician, for an ITI physics student.

Electric Circuit Basic Knowledge are linked in a thematically designed manner to form a model of Domestic Electric Circuit.

Reading Electric Circuit Basic knowledge means understanding which components are schematically designed for what purpose and how they are joined together.

With the exception scheme read from left to right and top to bottom in which direction the signal being generated or used by Electric Circuit Basic Knowledge will flow.

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Users can follow the same path that Signal uses to understand what Signal does or how it is being modified.

Domestic Electric Circuits Components

We have taken the major parts of some electrical circuits in Hindi below, about which we will know. Below are the following:

Understanding Wires

Understand in Domestic Electric Circuit a line represents a wire. And in Electrical Circuit basic knowledge, wires are used to connect electrical devices together. All the points along the wires are the same and are connected to each other but that does not mean that they are connected.

Understanding Wires

If they are not connected one will be shown in a semicircle looking around the other. In Domestic Electric Circuit if they are connected then they will cross each other and you will see dots from where the wires are being crossed.

Understand Ground

Ground is represented either by a triangle pointing down or by a set of parallel lines that, when seen one below the other, become truncated, effectively representing the area of ​​the triangle pointing down. Is.

understanding Ground

Ground is a general reference point that schematics are used to show the overall unity of the various functions of a circle. It does not refer to the actual ground of the Earth.


Resistor is a very basic part of an Domestic electric circuit. It is displayed like zig zag lines. Domestic Electric Circuit whose picture is given below. Along with this, it also has 2 terminals.

Electric Circuit


Lights are shown as ovals with curved lines inside. There are light bulbs in this view. Different types of lights are displayed with different pictures. We have also displayed its pictures in Electrical Circuit in Hindi below.

Potentiometer and Variable Resistors

Potentiometer and Variable Resistors Enhances the standard resistor symbol with an arrow. Variable Resistor in Hindi is a device with two terminals.

The arrow is placed diagonally only in the middle. The potentiometer is a 3-terminal device with the arrow becoming the third terminal.

Variable resistance


There are two commonly used capacitor symbols. In which a symbol is displayed as Polarized Capacitor. And the second symbol is displayed as Non Polarized Cap.

Capacitor in hindi

In each case if there is a 2- Terminal, they will move the plate directly. In which the symbol of a curve plate shows that the capacitor in Hindi is Polarized.

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The curved plate represents the cathode of the capacitor which is positive, should be at a lower voltage in comparison to the anode pin. The plus sign can also be combined with the positive pin which is the symbol of polarized capacitor.


Inductors are usually represented by either a chain or coils of curved bumps or loops. International Symbol Inductor is also defined by Rectangle. We have also shown its picture below.

Inductor in hindi


Switches in Hindi is a device that connects and breaks the Domestic Electric Circuit. Switches in Hindi are found in many different forms. Most commonly the switch, Single – Polar and Single Throw, occurs at the terminal with the half connecting line representing the equator.

Switches in hindi

Switches that have more than one Throw such as: SPDT and SP3T add more landing spots for the actuator. Switches with multiple poles usually have several identical switches with a dotted line that intersects the middle catalyst.

Power Sources

There are many options for delivering power to the project There are a wide variety of power source circuit symbols used in schematics in the electronics of an electrical system.

Power Source

We use types of symbols to define whether the source is a supply direct current DC or alternating current AC.

Voltage Nodes

We can assign a special symbol for Node Voltage. We can connect the device to this one terminal symbols and it will be directly connected to 5 V 3.3 V VCC or GND Positive Voltage Nodes are usually indicated by an arrow whereas Ground Nodes usually have 1 to 3 flat lines .


Diodes are usually represented with a triangle pressed against a line. Diodes are polarized, so each of the two terminals requires an identifier.

Positive Anode is the terminal running in the flat side of the triangle Negative Cathode exits the line in the symbol Diodes are of different types, which we have mentioned in the picture below.


A transistor in Hindi has three unmodified regions, which together are separated by a base of p-n type semiconductor in their middle.

Digital Logic Gates

Mainly there are some logic functions of electricity like: AND, OR, NOT, XOR etc. All of them have their own different symbols. Adding bubble to the output of the function produces NAND, NOR, XNOR etc.

Integrated Circuit

All Integrated Circuits in Hindi are represented by the symbol of Rectangle. And pins are also attached on their side. Each pin is labeled with both a number and a function.

Integrated Circuit has its own symbol for an Electrical Circuit in Hindi. In which its name, its value and its label are very important.

Crystals and Resonator

Crystals and Resonators are critical parts of the microcontroller circuit. It helps in giving clock signals. Crystals symbols have two terminals. And when a Resistor or Capacitor is connected to it then there are three terminals.

Headers and Connectors

Whenever they give power or send information, then connectors are very much needed in domestic electric circuit.


Transformer is a device that increases or decreases the current or voltage by means of electromagnetic induction.


Relay is a device by which a circuit is controlled indirectly by a change in the same circuit or other circuit. In other words it is a process by which an electrical signal is allowed to pass through.



Fuse is a type of protection device used in an electrical circuit that melts and stops the flow of electricity in an electrical circuit when there is an increase in electricity.

Fusein hindi


In this topic, we discussed about all those devices of Electrical Current in Hindi, which is very important for electrician and students to know.

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FAQ With Electrical Current in Hindi

Q.1. How many types of the Electrical Circuit?

There are mainly four types of Electrical Circuits such as: Open Circuit, Close Circuit, Close Circuit, Leakage Circuit etc.

Q.2. What is Electrical Circuit?

Preparing the path of an electric current is called Electrical Circuit.

Q.3. What is Switch?

This is a device that connects and breaks an electric circuit, it is called a switch.

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