Top 10 Best MCB Brands in India 2022 [Most Popular Brands]

Best MCB Brands in India is a most trending topic in the House Wiring Field or electrician field. We also discussed MCB and their related other concepts in the previous blog post. Also, we cover the full form, definition, and types of the MCB

But today we are talking about a very interesting topic named Best MCB Brands in India 2022. So, make sure every visitor who visits to read this blog post about the top 10 best mcb brands in India, would be enjoying this interesting topic.

Now, first of all, take a single look on the behalf of the best MCB brands in India before starting the details of the top best mcb brands in India. I would inform you that take a little bit of explanation about the MCB and its concepts which helps you. Also, you can read our previous article about the MCB details in vice versa.

MCB, MCCB, and RCCB are the same terms but there have something different from each other. Check out here to know about the major function of the MCB and MCCB. 

MCB stands for Miniature Circuit Breaker. MCB brands in India is a device that is used to protect or prevent the circuit without making any loss. It’s automatically preventing the device when any short circuit observation, it makes a trip during the electrical short circuit.

As we know to protect our circuit, then we need the best quality MCB in India. So, keep these things in your mind that if you want to expense your money to buy the best mcb for home ensure that the product should be the best quality mcb in India.

Guy’s here I make a top 10 best mcb brands in India. Now, here is your responsibility to select the best quality mcb in India that keeps safe your house at any time. We have selected the most stylish and affordable list of the best mcb brands in India or manufacturers in India.

First of all, I want to get or share some answers to your questions that are predicted now in your mind. So, let’s get started with some short questioning parts about the best mcb brands in India.

Why these MCB are the best in India?

This is a nice question that predicts in your mind. Of course, this MCB is the best mcb brands in India because we find these types of best mcb brands in India with very high research and other different types of specifications.

What are the best MCB brands in India on this list?

As I tell you all the mcb are the best quality mcb in India. So, if you want to choose anyone from the list then it’s your good choice. Because there all are amazing with their different types of specifications.

10 Best MCB Brands in India 

So, let’s the time to show our recommendation about the best quality mcb brands in India with their pros and cons. These concepts maybe help you to select the best mcb brands in India.

We share the top list of mcb manufacturers in India. We try to explain about top mcb brands in India with the images and other designs.

1. Havell’s MCB (Best MCB for Home)

Havell’s India is one of the most trusted and branded companies in India which sold their electrical products to the Indian people. So, if we are talking about Havell’s MCB then these are also the most stylish best mcb brands in India.

Havell’s best MCB brands in India provide the Miniature Circuit Breakers that have precisely formed molded cases. The Switching Instruments are self-sustaining, manual, and trip-free, i.e., the breaker missteps internally even if the functioning knob is held in ON circumstances. This Havell’s MCB is specially designed for reliability, long life, and anti-weld properties.

Havell’s MCB Internal View

When mcb is made then they have the internal view that passes from the thermal operations and the magnetic operations. So, there are the points that are attached in Havell’s mcb( best mcb brands in India for home).

  • Bimetal Carrier
  • Arc-chutes holder
  • Arc-chutes
  • Arc-runner
  • Moving Contact
  • Outgoing Terminal
  • Bimetal Strip
  • Latch
  • Knob/dolly
  • Solenoid
  • Plunger
  • Fixed Contact
  • Incoming terminal
havells mcb internal part 1 |

So, these are the different parts in Havell’s MCB inner view or internal view. Take a look at the internal part that is shown below the image.

Havell’s MCB (Dimensions in mm)

This best mcb brands in India is provided in the four or five different types of the dimensions like that mentioned below:

havells dimensions |
  • 17.7 mm – SP
  • 35.4 mm – SPN/DP
  • 53.1 mm – TP
  • 70.8 mm – TPN/FP

Hammer Trip Mechanism

hammer trip machenism |

Now we take a look at the mechanism of the Hammer trip. Basically, Havell’s mcb is worked on the hammers and plunger magnesium that are shown in the below image.

Range of Havell’s MCB brand

So, there is the list of the ranges of Havell’s India best MCB brands in India which are given below:

Minimum RangeMaximum RangeCurves
6A63A“B” Curves
0.5A63A“C” Curves
0.5A63A“D” Curves
0.5A63A“DC” Applications-

So, these are the detailed things about the best mcb brands in India of the Havell’s mcb. Now we are moving to the next best quality mcb brands in India.

Download PDF of Havell’s MCB with Prices

2. Legrand MCB (Best Quality MCB in India)

Legrand MCB is also one of the best companies in terms of the best MCB brands in India. This company provides many types of stylish, affordable, and luxurious best quality mcb brands in India.

Legends MCB is a clear, comprehensive offer of all types of applications with DX, a complete solution best mcb brands in India. This type of mcb is easy, safe connection and DX, impeccable quality.

These are perfect control of your installation and protection tailored to your requirements. You can choose your distribution with more comfort with energy savings.

Pros of Legrand MCB

There is a few pros of the Legrand MCB if you are using this type of the best mcb brands in India then make sure it helps you to get these things that are mentioned below:

  • ISI Marking
  • RoHS Complaint
  • Double Break Mechanism
  • Ergonomic Red Handle
  • AC22 A & 10 kA ICs
  • Trip Indicator
  • Improved Relay Designing
  • Ergonomic test Button
  • AC, A & HPI Version
  • High Safety Terminal
  • Standard marking

Protection Requirements

There are also the different types of protection tailored requirements that are the compact solution only for the protection and the measurements. So, these requirements of the best mcb brands in India.

legrands mcb |
  • Display Unit
  • Measurement
  • Metering
  • Dielectric test switch
  • Trip Indicator 
  • Navigation Button
  • Indicating Lamp
  • Ergonomic Test Button
  • Communication Port
  • Battery Compartment
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Other Specification

Legrand’s MCB has the main and special functionality. We share these other specifications that are provided by Legrand’s top mcb brands in India.

  • Battery Replacement
  • Weekly Switching View
  • Operating Date & Time
  • Programming Menus
  • +/- Buttons
  • Data Keys
  • Menu
  • Operating Mode
  • Environment-Friendly

Download Legrands MCB Full Pdf with Price

3. Anchor MCB ( Best Manufactures in India)

Anchor MCB is one of the best one company in India. This company sold their electrical products by the brands’ logo or the Anchor. Usually, this is a Panasonic company.

Guy’s there is some technical specification that I shared for you below:

Rated Current(ln) A6A to 63A
Rated Voltage(Ue) SP, TP+N: AC 240/415V, SP+N: AC 240V, DP, TP, FP: AC 415V
Rated Frequency(f) Hz50 Hz
Rated Short Circuit Breaking Capacity10000A
Service Short Circuit Breaking Capacity7500A
Energy LimitationClass 3
Tripping MechanismThermal and Magnetic Type
Normal Ambient Temperature30º
Power Loss Much Less than Standard Values
Rated Impulse Voltage4kV
Dielectric Strength2000V for 1 minute
Protection Class IP20
Mounting On DIN Rail (35mm X 7.5 mm)
Connections1 sq. mm to For Cu conductors

So, these are the specification of the Anchor MCB which is the most affordable or top mcb brand in India.

4. L&T MCB (Best MCB Brands)

L & T stands for Larsen and Toubro. L & T company is also a well know company in India. This company sold its products by the name of L&T. The electrical products of this company provides easy to use and most stylish and affordable.

Features & Benefits of L&T MCB

This type of best quality mcb brand in India has amazing features and benefits. The features and the benefits are given below:

  • Finger Proof Terminal
  • Facility of the Test Buttons
  • Combi Head Screw
  • Dual Transmission
  • Terminal Suitable up to 35 sq. mm cable
  • 2 positive DIN Rail Chip
  • Dual Termination
  • True Contact Indication
  • Label Holder
  • IP – 20 Finger Proof Terminal


lt dimensions |

There are also four types of dimensions that are mentioned below:

  • 17.5 – 1 Pole
  • 35 – 2 Pole
  • 52.5 – 3 Pole
  • 70 – 4 Pole & All dimensions in mm 

Download L&T MCB Pdf with Price

5. Schneider MCB (MCB Connection for Home)

Schneider is one of the best companies in India. This company sold their mcb in the best quality brands in India. This is also a good option to purchase the MCB for home. Because this mcb is also provided the different types of features and the specification.

Features & Benefits 

schimens mcb |
  • Insulated Terminal IP20
  • Large Circuit Labelling Area
  • Double Clip with Comb
  • Visi Trip Window
  • Positive Contact Indication
  • Operating State Indicator Lamp
  • Resetting Handle
  • Pushbutton
  • VisiSafe

So, guys, these are the features and benefits of the Schneider MCB. Now we are moving our sixth Best mcb brands in India.

Download Schimens MCB Pdf with Price

6. Orient Electric (MCB Electrical Company)

Orient Electric is one of the most popular companies in India to sell its electrical Products. This Orient Electric Company provides the different types of Miniature Circuit Breaker, Isolator, Residual Current Circuit Breaker and Distribution Boards, etc.

orientelectric mcb |

Dimensions in mm

Orient Electric Top MCB Brands in India also provides the major four dimensions of MCB Brands in India. These four types of dimensions are given below:

dimension orient |
  • 18 –  SP
  • 36 – SPN/DP
  • 52.5 – TP
  • 78 – TPN / FP

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Technical Specification of Orient Electric MCB

Technical Specifications
Rated Voltage912/48 a.c. / d.c. 110/240 a.c/ d.c
Rated Frequency50/60 Hz, d.c
Index of ProtectionIP 20 (IP 40)
Terminals1-25mm square, max 2-ohm m
Ambient TemperatureMax 35 degree Celcius
Storage TemperatureMax -40 degree c to +70 deg. c
Mounting on the RailIS/ IES 60947 -3
Sealing PossibilityYes
Terminal CoverYes

Features and Benefits

  • Auxilarray Signal Switch Terminal Cover
  • Shunt Trip
  • Bell / Buzzer
  • Locking Kit

Download Orientelectric MCB Pdf with Price

7. Polycab MCB (Best MCB in India)

Polycab is also one of the most popular companies in India. This company sells their many types of electrical products. This company comes in the Top 10 best electrical companies in India.

If we are talking about the Polycab MCB, the best quality mcb brand in India is provided by the polycab electrical industries. Now here we are discussing its features and benefits with other technical specifications. 

Polycab MCB is one of the most popular mcb in the electrical field. This polycab mcb is the on/off indication with low power loss and combi head screw.

Features & Benefits

  • On/Off Indication
  • Threetin Plates Arc Chamber
  • Low Power Loss
  • Easy MCB Extraction
  • Energy Limiteng Class 3
  • Air Flow Channel
  • Neutral Pole Proteted
  • MCB Durability
  • BI – Stable Din Clip
  • Breaking Capacity 10 KA
  • Ergonomic Dolly
  • IP 20 Protection
  • Line Load Reversibility
  • Combi Head Screw

So, these are the top benefits of the Polycab MCB which is coming in the top mcb brands in India. Now we are discussing its other types of range and technical specifications.

Polycab MCB Range

RatingB Curve SP

Technical Specification of Polycab MCB

ProtectionOverload & Short Circuit
Standard ConformityIS/ IES 60947-2
Tripping CharacteristicsC
Rated Current (in) A80, 100, 125A
Rated Voltage (Ue) V240/415 VAc
Rated Frequency (f) Hz50
No. of Poles (Execution)SP/ DP / TP / FP
Rated Breaking Capacity10kA
Energy Limiting Class3
Degree of ProtectionIP 20
Type of TripThermal Magnetic Release
Terminal Capacity (max), mm square50 sqm
Terminal Tightening Torque2.5 Nm
Installation PositionVertical / Horizontal
MountingClip-on Din Rail
Bush bar connection top TerminalPin Type / Fork Type
Bush bar connection bottom TerminalPin Type / Fork Type
Rated insulation Voltage690V
Rated Impulse Voltage4kV

8. Siemens MCB (Best MCB in India)

Siemens MCB is one of the best MCB in India. This company provides the best quality of mcb brands in India. The prices of the siemens mcb are most affordable and the siemens mcb is mostly easy to use with a new stylish look. 

Here we are talking about siemens mcb details features and benefits and other types of specifications that are provided by the siemens Company. Do you know, Siemens is one of the most trending companies in the electrical field which share the best quality of the electrical products in India.

Features & Specification of Siemens MCB

  • Terminal Block (Cable / Bushbar)
  • MCB Type Lable
  • Quality Lable Approval
  • Switching Capacity of the Device in A / Energy Limitation class
  • Handle for Manual Actuation of the MCB
  • Switching Symbol
  • Coupling Location for System Compnent
  • Manual slide Operation for quick fitting system

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So, these are some amazing features and specifications of the siemens mcb. Now we are moving to our next top mcb brands in India.

9. ABB MCB (Best MCB for House/Home)

ABB MCB is the best quality mcb in India. This is also the most trustable company in India. And the products are usually awesome. So, if you are looking for this company mcb then, this is one of the good choices of yours to purchase the best mcb for house or home.

Features & Benefits of ABB MCB

− UL current limiting

− Fast breaking time (2.3 – 2.5 ms) 

− Bus connection system 

− Wide range of accessories

− Available with variable depth handle mechanism 

− CE certified and marked 

− DIN rail mounting 

− Finger safe terminals 

− Multi-function terminals 

− Suitable for reverse feed (except for S200UDC) 

− UL 489 Listed – branch circuit protective device UL File #E212323

So, guys, these are some features and benefits of this abb mcb. Hope you like the features and benefits of this mcb.

10. BCH MCB (MCB in Electrical)

BCH India provides many different types of electrical products in India. BCH is an Indian company that is coming in India’s most popular electrical company in India. The BCH MCB is one of the most powerful and affordable with the Stylish looks of the top  MCB brands in India.

bhc mcb |

Features & Specification 

  • Tested for 50 Degree Ambience
  • Excellent Electrical  / Mechanical Life
  • High Performance Compact Size
  • Outstanding Current Limiting Performance
  • Flexibility of the Installation
  • Line Load Interchageability
  • Thermal Flexibility
  • Unbeatable Flexbility of Accessory Mounting
  • International Standards
  • Suitability for Isolation
  • Isolation of Accessories
  • Safety of Installation

These are the best features and specifications of the BHC MCB. Now we are discussing the constructional features that are provided by the BHC MCB.

Construtional Features

  • Unique Design
  • Inherent Contact System Design
  • Special ABlative Material 
  • Maximized Contact Repulsion Fources
  • Bimetal Senses Overload Protection
  • Electro Magnet Senses
  • Short Circuit Protection

Download BHC India MCB Pdf with Price

So, guys, these are some constitutional Features. Hope you like these features of the BHC India MCB.

These are the top 10 best mcb brands in India. I hope you are knowing well about these companies. If you want to purchase mcb then please make sure comes with this mcb. These best quality mcb brands in India is gave you external features with a stylish look and best quality.


So, in this article, we are talked about the best mcb brands in India with the best mcb manufacture in India. I hope you are knowing well about these mcb brands as well as you enjoy this article.

If you like the top 10 best mcb brands in India, then please share this blog post with your friends and family. If you have any queries regarding this article then please give the feedback in the comment section below.

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