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House Wiring Material List is the best and basic confusion in all the people who made their new home or those peoples who were the electrician. As we know that when we are doing the house wiring then we need different types of the house wiring material needs. So, all of the things that we need for the house wiring. We are mentioned in this article that shares the all different house wiring material list.

These materials are in different types of the quantities but the product lists or material list of the house wiring materials are the same. In this article, we know what are the important house wiring materials names that are used every time when we go for the house wiring.

This article helps you to select the best types of the products. Here we also discuss the best top 10 products list of each product with the details. Wirekhoj comes for you to provide the basic and important knowledge for their readers.

House Wiring Material Names or List

So, there are many types of house wiring material. But we can take the best and most time useful house wiring materials names. House Wiring are mainly two types, these two types of the house wiring is given below that are as follows:

·       Simple or Open House Wiring

·       Fancy or Closed House Wiring

Simple or Open House wiring

So, these are the two types of the house wiring. If we talk about the simple or open house wiring then it is the type of house wiring in which the wiring is very normal and the products that we used are abnormal.

In this open house, wiring has less cost than house wiring. But this wiring is also a stable wiring. Many times, like in villages, this simple or open house wiring is used. But some time in urban areas also used simple or open house wiring.

Fancy or Closed House Wiring

Now we are talking about the fancy or closed house wiring. This type of wiring is totally fancy. Looking is an awesome type of fancy house wiring. More rich persons or people prefer this type of wiring. This is also known as the other name Closed System House wiring.

Fancy or Closed house Wiring is also a stable wiring. But in this wiring the cost is very high, and the things that we used in this wiring are more expensive or as branded. Fancy or Closed House wiring is also very popular in India as well as abroad.

So, guys now we are moving to the next step or topic that are the simple or open house wiring materials name and list.

Simple or Open House Wiring Material List

Simple or Open Wiring material lists are many cauterized in the different types of the product. The products we mention below, all are the best and most time usable house wiring materials names.

1.Batten : Batten Wiring is a very old method in which all the wires are tied on a wooden bar with an iron clip and this collect is used in large quantities so that the wire is tightly closed with some wooden bar. Go. This clip looks like a belt. Which is first put on top of the bandage and then by laying wires on top of the bandage, it is tied well with this clip.

Benefits of the Batten

·       Doing this wiring is very simple and easy.

·       This wiring method is cheaper than other wiring.

·       This wiring looks great too.

·       This wiring is also easy to repair.

So, these are the benefits of the batten wiring or batten. Now we are discussing the disadvantages of the batten.

Disadvantages of the Batten

So, guys, there are some types of disadvantages of the batten. These serval disadvantage of the electrical batten are as given below:

We cannot do this wiring in the open outside the house. This wiring is not protected from the external environment as it is heavily influenced by the weather. Cannot use heavy wire in this wiring. This wiring is enough for just 220 Volts

Electrical Screw : Electrical Screw is a small type of the component which is used to tighten the component like electrical batten, electrical green plate, electrical wires and many more.

Plastic Gitti : Plastic Gitti is one of the most important components which is used to adjust the volume in the electrical screw. After using Plastic Gitti, You can easily fit the electrical screw in a few easy steps.

This Plastic Gitti occurs in different types of sizes for various types of electrical works. So, these plastic Gitti are available in different sizes, different plastic materials, and different types of thickness.

Electrical Batten Kill: Electrical Batten Kill is an electrical used component that is used to fix the electrical batten on the wall. This component is widely used for the electrical wiring or house wiring.

Switch Box: Switch Box is a box in which we establish the different types of the switch and the junction. These are very necessary for every electrical activity line.

Switch: Switch is an electrical device that makes or breaks the electrical circuit. There are many different types of switches. The switch is the most used electrical component in electrical wiring or house wiring.

Plug : Electrical Plug or Electrical connector is an electrical device which is used to make the connection for the phase or the earth.

In an electrical plug having two pins are the same size but the third pin is long as compared to the other two pins.

Indicator: Electrical Indicator is also an electrical device that is used to indicate the connection like electrical current is successfully passed or not. So basically this indicator is always used on the side of the switch. This type of device is called the electrical indicator.

Square Box: Electrical square boxes are named by their shape and size. Because of this, a square box is always square in size.

This component is often used for the work of the electrical or house wiring. It also holds the components like Switch and connectors or indicators etc.

Electrical Holder: A bulb holder or electrical holder is an electronic device in which we can convert electrical energy into light energy.

It is an electrical component that holds the electrical bulb and it carries the electricity to the electrical bulb. It has two terminals i.e., the Negative Terminal and the Positive Terminal.

If you want to get more information regarding the electrical bulb holder then you can read the article that you have given below.

Electrical Ceiling Rose :

Electrical Wires: Electrical wires are the most valuable and most useful component in the field of electrical wiring. Without wires you are not able to transform the electrical current from one point to the other point in the house or home.

Electrical wires

As we know, in India’s distribution of the many different types of electrical wires, those all are the best quality of the wiring.

But we filter the best top electrical wires for the house wiring. If you want to know about that then you hit the below link to know more about this concept.

Electrical Bulb : Its cover is made of thin glass. Sometimes instead of completely vacuuming the bulb, some inert gas like argon or nitrogen is filled in it.

smart led bulb

Tungsten metal is used because its melting point is very high (about 3500 °C). When current flows through the filament, its temperature rises from 1500°C to 2500°C.

Electrical Tube : Electrical tube is almost the type of the bulb. But there is a small difference that the bulb produces energy due to the tungsten fuse wires.

But if we see another case of the electrical tube then the electrical tube gives the electrical energy by using the gas that is filled in this component.

Electrical Fuse : A fuse is an electric device or device that is an electrical protection. If there is a lot of electric current in the electric device used, then Electric Fuse is used for that thing.

Low voltage fuse

If you want to get more information about the electrical fuse then go on the below hyperlink and get the full information about the electrical fuse.

Main Switch : Main switch is also a type of the switch but it is the main in all of the switches. Because of this main switch you can easily break or make the electrical circuit of the whole circuit.

Fancy House Wiring Material List

This is one of the most trending and popular ways for house wiring. In this type, we discuss the best fancy house wiring material list in which all the products are more necessary for the fancy house wiring.

As we know, fancy house wiring is used in urban areas. So, the products or materials of the fancy wiring are most amazing in the quality and the looking. But their prices are so high. In my opinion if any products give you the best quality, then high prices are much better.

Electrical Pipe: Electrical Pipe is the most widely used product in house wiring. This pipe is used for holding the wires, which means the wires are entering these pipes. So, this type of thing is known as a pipe. Pipes are different types of sizes and spaces.

Electrical Band: Electrical Band is used to rotate or make the band in the electrical wiring. Electrical Band is often used in electrical wiring or fancy wiring. Electrical band is available in different types of eCommerce websites.

Machine Screw: A Machine Screw is used to connect the two objects with each other. Machine Screw is in different types due to their sizes. Machine Screw is smaller in size as compared to the other types of the general screws.

Fancy Switch : Fancy Switch also works the same as the simple switch. But the look and quality make it much more amazing as compared to the simple switch. Works are the same but the look and quality is different. So, that fancy switch is most used in the fancy wiring.

MCB : MCB stands for the Miniature Circuit Breaker. It’s a small and fun device known as an MCB. It protects you and your home from power loss. This breaker saves you two difficulties. If you want to know about MCB then you can get in details by clicking their interlinking.


MCB Box : MCB is put on the glass, it is called MCB box or dip box or distribution board. You should know that there is a separate MCB box for three phases, separate for a single phase, in many places I have seen that some people make money.

Single phase board is used to protect, but you should not do this, because there is not enough space in single phase box to keep 3 phases apart, and if different phases collide with each other by mistake. The blast is ready, so use whatever you want.

DP MCB : The connection of this MCB is a series connection on the main power supply circuit wire to control the on-off control of both the neutral and phase power supplies.

So, that both the neutral and the face lines are turned on and off at the same time or In case of overload short circuit, the neutral face automatically closes both the lines.

Electrical Fan: Electrical Fan is the most important device in today’s world. The fan is used to remove the hot air and convert it into cooled air. The fan is the most commonly used device in an electrical devices.

There are many different types of the fan like table fan, floor fan and many more. These all fans are available in the different types of the eCommerce platform or different types of prices.

MCCB : MCCB is basically a switch that turns on and off something like a light or load. The mccb also comes in different sizes and frames.

mccb symbol

So, Why don’t we just use a switch? This is because mccb is able to take a higher current compared with the switch. To know more about MCCB, get the full details in this given internal link.

Earth Wire: This leakage current to earth becomes ground with the help of earthing wire and saves the human body from any danger. Earth Wire is also called Ground Wire as Earthing and Grounding are one and the same.

2 Way Switch :  You can use the two-way switch anywhere you want, but keep in mind that the two-way switch should be used only for long-distance equipment.

If you are using a two-way switch in a place where both the switches are close to each other, then there will be no use in using it.

Fan Regulator: Fan Regulators are those regulators whose function is to increase or decrease the speed of the fan. To do more means to reduce the speed of the fan as much as it is needed and to reduce it, then you can help the fan regulator.

Sometimes there is a need to take less air or there is no need to rotate the fan at high speed, then in such a situation the fan regulator is installed so that we can increase or decrease the fan speed according to our own.


So, guys, in this article we discuss house wiring material lists. In this article, we also discuss detailed information about the products which are used in the house wiring material list.

I hope you like and enjoy this article. If you like this article then please share this article with your friends and relatives. If you have any queries related to the article then you can contact us via the contact us page section or comment below.

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