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Top brands of electrical switches India & best modular switches in India is one of the most questions in the people’s mind. So, in this article, we clear this overall concept is easy and simple manners and ways. As we know in India, Every house needs the best electrical switches for the house. 

We are discussing the Top brand’s electrical switches in India & also we are discussing the best modular switches in India. So, we hope you learn all things about these switches till the end.

There are many types of areas and shops in India where we get to see different types of best quality electrical switches, but we find it difficult to decide which one is safe and good for our homes or houses.

We have come up with some of these stunning best modular switches in India which are true lotus and at the same time, their look is also big lotus. We make these top brands of electrical switches in India is awesome. So, I hope you also enjoy our article in brief.

Top Switch Brands & companies in India

Top switch brands & companies in India are covered by us. You are surprised that these companies are very famous in India and build an awesome audience based in India. 

Best Modular Switches in India List

So, here we have selected the best switches in India that is mentioned below:

  1. Havell’s India Modular Switch
  2. Polycab India Modular Switch
  3. Finolex Modular Switch
  4. Wipro NorthWest Modular Switch
  5. Orpat Group Modular Switch

So, here we are taking the best modular switches in India. If you purchase these switches this is also a better option for you. Guys these are also the best electrical switches for the house. 

Best Modular Switches in India List

We are discussing the top 5 switches brands & companies in India which is more powerful from your mindset. The best products quality of the best modular switches in India is sold in the market by their marketing strategies. 

1. Havell’s India

If we are talking about the top switch brands in India then Havell’s India is the topmost company that is famous for their products. The quality of the switches sold by Havell’s India is most awesome.

Havell’s India provides many types of best modular switches in India. best modular switches in India are very different types of the switches that are mentioned below:

  • Carbon Modular Range
  • Fabio Modular Range
  • ORO Modular Range
  • Coral Modular Range
  • Frame Front Plates
  • ORO Metalica Range
modular switch havells

So, if you want to purchase Havell’s India Switches then associate with this blog. Now after Havell’s India, next we discuss Polycab India Private Limited.

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2. Polycab India Private Limited

Polycab India is also one of the most famous companies in the electrical and electronics field. Polycab India Private limited sells the best Polycab best modular switches in India, beautiful durable, trouble and silent switches.

polycab switches |

These switches are made from Fire resistant, Ultraviolet stabilized, virgin polycarbonate with super-efficient bimetal connection with to the silvers tips. These switches are the concentrated Double Rocker Mechanism for long-term durability in a wide range of scintillating colors and finishes. These switches provide glamourize to your walls.

3. Finolex Switches

Finnolex is one of the most superior quality polycarbonate and silver cadmium oxide coated best modular switches in India. These modern types of switches have screw and terminal that is used to make the most modern types of switches. 

finolex switches |

These finolex switches are provided by finolex company with a unique fluorescent strip that flows in dark and acts as a guide. Finolex’s best quality switches for the house are in the premium range including a range of Modular 10A & 20A best modular switches in India.

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4. Wipro NorthWest

Wipro Northwest is also one of the best companies that provide the different types of switches in India. Now he sells the many types of electrical items which are more popular in India. Wipro NorthWest Best Switches in India differentiate the different types of electrical switches in India that is shown below:

  • Artisa
  • Nowa
  • Stylus+
  • Convex
  • Venia
wipro switches |

Wipro Northwest sold its best modular switches in India. If you want to buy these types of electrical switches then you associate with this blog post. Now after some time, we share the best top 10 modular switches in India.

5. Orpat Group

Orpat Group is one of the best electrical companies in India. This is an Indian Company which is belonged in Gujrat. In this company have the 5000+ employees are working and many of the peoples make their future from this company.

orpat switches |

This company also provides the best types of modular switches in India. If you want to purchase electrical switches for a house then this company is also a good option for you.

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Top 10 Tips to Buying Modular Switches

So, first of all to going the topic of the best modular switches in India we discussing the best top 10 tips to buying modular switches and sockets for home and office.

Please mind these 10 tips before making your decision. 

Tip No. 1: Design, Gap, Depth & Interior construction 

These things so matter a lot because there’s a risk of electric shock if water seeps into the switchboard. Especially in wet places like bathrooms and toilets. It’s a safety concern. Switches & Sockets made up of 100% plastic are worth buying as it restrains moisture and provides ideal insulation.

Tip No. 2: Make Sure Switch is Thick and Durable

Whenever we use a socket or switch then we exert some pressure on it. People take out their anger on the switch. So, the material should be thick and durable. So, it doesn’t break apart easily.

Because a small crack can give you an electric shock. If your finger gets in contact with the internal metal part. 

Tip No. 3: Check Current Rating and Right Switch

Check the Current rating. and choose the right switches & sockets as per your requirements that are given below:

  • 6A/10A – For Lights & Fan
  • 16A&20A – Heavier lights, moderate power consumption appliances like TV Coller, etc.
  • 25A/32A – Heavy appliances like a geyser, air – conditioner.

Refer to the guide on Screen that you have shown above. Use these things before purchasing any best modular switches in India.

Tip No. 4: Use only Fire Retardant Material

You need to choose switches & sockets that are made of fire retardant material and have shutters. Which is important for child safety. Nowadays, most modern sockets are equipped with shutters. It’s advisable to use them only.

Tip No . 5: Product should be ISI Marked

Only buy those switches & Sockets which are ISI marked. ISI mark is a standards-compliance mark for industrial products best electrical switch brands in India. The marks are certified that a product conforms to an Indian Standard development by the beuro of Indian Standards.

Tip No. 6: Easily On & Off

Buy only those switches which make minimal noise when on/off. You can on/off with less effort. Make sure to remember these things in your mind.

Tip No . 7: Always Top Brands Switches

Only buy the best electrical switch brands in India Products. The list of the top brands is given above. If you can purchase the branded products then have a lifetime of 2 lakhs clicks of the switches, which is sufficient for your entire lifetime.

Tip No. 8: Switch is repairable and replaceable

An important tip for you is usually people have this problem in which switch and sockets should be repairable and easily replaceable. Only buy that switchboard which is readily available in the market.

Tip No. 9: Sockets with Multiple Pins

Nowadays sockets come in multiple pins. So, take notice that all the sockets connect to all your home appliances. Remember this important factor as well. Look at the difference between these two sockets.

Tip No. 10: Purchase from Best Electrical Company 

Put your faith in only reputable and branded switchboards. Only buy reputed best electrical switch brands in India like Anchor switches, Havell’s Switches, L&T Switches Schneider Switches, Legrand switches, etc. 

All the factors discussed in this article are only available in branded products. Hope you remember all these things whenever you should purchase or buy any electrical modular switch best electrical switch brands in India.


So, guys, these are the best top electrical switches brands in India. Here we discussed the top brand’s electrical switches in India and the best modular switches in India. May I hope you like this article?

If you like this article then please share this article with your friends and relatives. If you have any query regarding our article then please comment below or contact us page.

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