Cable Gland Size Chart & Double Compression Chart with Pdf 2022

Cable Gland Size Chart or double compression cable gland size chart is one of the most interesting topics that we saw in this article. Many people are so much confusion about this wire gland size chart material things.

So, we are making this information only for you. I hope you enjoy our article and after that give such kind of feedback for us. That’s why we improving our information scenario as well as sharing the proper knowledge after the awesome efforts and the research.

We continuously work on our articles so that we improve them. Now, not wasting any time we look at our main topic which is the double compression cable gland size chart.

Cable Gland Size Chart

So, as we know, we will move toward an understanding of cable gland size. But you thought that why this single cable gland size chart is important. What is the major role of the cable gland size chart?

Single Cable Gland Size Chart helps us for getting the data or information about the size of the cable. Suppose you need any wire, that means you also need the size of that particular wire. But how can you get that size?

cable gland size chart

So, on that behalf, We making this cable gland size chart for you where all the details about the single cable size are in written format. Let’s now understand it with more and lots of clarity by taking a simple example.

Example : 

Ram is an electrician & he has a bundle of wire which is approx. 60mm diameter of bundles. So, now on time, you should select only the 60mm cable gland only. 

So, these concepts are so much easy for listening to. But you should be bored when you are doing those boring stuff.

So, to avoid or ignore those things, we made a double compress Gland Size chart or double compression cable gland size chart pdf for you. The pdf you got below.

In this pdf, you got the 1 core, 2 core, 3 Core, 3.5 core, 4 core, 5core, 7 core, 10 core, 12 core, 19 core, 27core, 37 core, and 48 core cable data or information.

Double Compression Cable Gland Size Chart

As you know that knowing about the double compression cable gland size is also a very complicated term. So, we also made this chart for you. Double Compression Cable Gland Size chart is raising or increasing with the mechanical help for the cable.

double compression cable gland size chart

So, this chart has the more important brass cable gland in the form of BW Double Compression Cable Gland, CW Double Compression Gland, E1W Double Compression Cable Gland, E1FW Double Compression Cable Gland, etc.

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Hence, if you need any data on your selecting double compression cable gland then this gland size chart absolutely helps you at that time. So now you easily know about the cable gland size calculation.

Double Compression Cable Gland Size Chart Pdf

So, here you get the attached double compression cable gland size chart pdf. If you want to download this pdf, then absolutely you download it easily with the below-provided link.

We are not the experts. So, we get that data from different types of sources. So, you have also get clarify with your electrician.

Download PDF of Cable Gland Size Chart

As you saw, in this chart, we also define or declare the small, medium, and large stuff sizes of all the cable glands which are most usually for indicating the size of that locking thread.


So, Cable Gland Size Chart is one of the small contributions for our Wirekhoj India readers. In this article, we discuss the armored & aluminum cable size chart. Also, we discussed the double compression cable gland size chart.

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