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Electrician Jobs Interview Questions is asked with every type of electrician. If you want to become an electrician, then you have to give an interview. Interviewers sometimes ask these questions that we are providing in this article.

Suppose if you know all the answers to the interviewer question then how is it amazing. After that solving their questions your electrician’s job maybe be yours. So, Wirekhoj is laying you the best types of electrician jobs interview questions that absolutely help you.

Electrician Jobs Interview Questions and Answer

So, Guys, there are many types of electrician jobs interview questions that are mentioned below. Hope you can understand all questions that we are now discussing.

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Can We Run Load on Phase & Earth?

As we know that we can run load on Phase and Neutral. But According to this question, We can say that “Yes”, We can run load on Phase and Earth. But this is not the right way.

Because the earthing is not for the electrical field. Earthing is used for our safety. So, that we always run load on Phase and Neutral.

How does the tube light run after the starter is removed?

We see that when we remove the starter from the tube light then the tube light is not working. But when we start the tube light and after that, we remove the starter then also tube light is working properly.

But according to the question, when the current flows through the phase, it moves via the starter or electrode and arrives at the neutral. So, when the connection is fully approved then you can remove the starter and your tube light is also runs after the starter is removed.

What is the Difference Between Line Voltage and Phase Voltage?

If we measure the voltage in 2 Phases like R – Y. Then it will become Line Voltage. But if we measure the voltage in a single phase then it will become a Phase Voltage.

Star Delta Starter is used in which motor?

Which Moter is above 10 HP (7.5 kW), We always used the Star Delta Starter. 7.5 KW is always equal to the 10 HP.

What is Single Phasing in Motor?

When anyone phase is missing from all the phasing systems. This is understood by taking an example: Suppose, You have a motor that works on the 3 Phases. 

But by any fault 1 Phase is missing then your motor works on the 2 Phasing. This phenomenon is called single phasing. But this may be harmful to your electrical appliances.

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What protection does the fuse give us?

Fuse gives us two types of protection. These two types of protection are mentioned below:

  • Overload Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection

Why does the hemming sound occur when the fan is running with the inverter?

As we know that Fan is running via the AC Supply. But the inverter converts DC to AC Current. So that time Inverter does not convert it completely. So, that it has some issues to converting the current.

By this issue, Magnetic Field does not occur properly. So, that the fan is occurring the hamming sound when it runs with the inverter.

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What is Series and Parrell Connection?

Series Connection: If we connect multiple devices with only one supply wire, then it is called series connection.

Parallel Connection: If we connect all the equipment with a personal supply wire then it is called panel connection.

What size ceiling fan is installed in the room?

So, the answer to this problem is given in the below table that is mentioned below:

Room Dimensions in Feet

Room Area in Sq. Feet

Fan Sween in Inches

6’ * 6’ or less

35 or Less

24’’ / 600 mm

6’ * 6’ to 8’ * 8’

35 to 65

35’’ / 900 mm

8’ * 8’ to 10’ * 10’

65 to 100

47’’ / 1200 mm

10’ * 10’ to 15’ * 15’

100 to 225

55’’ / 1400 mm

More Than 16’ * 16’

More Than 225

Two or more fans required

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What is the difference between HRC Fuse and Normal Fuse?

HRC Fuse: HRC Fuse stands for High Rupture Capacity. So first of all we need to understand the current circuit stages. So, there are two types of the current stages that are as follows:

  • Power Circuit 
  • Control Circuit

Power Circuit: In this type of circuit, the current is flowing in between 100 Ampere to 250 Ampere. So, in this case, we used the HRC Fuse.

Control Circuit: On another hand, the current flows in between 2 Ampere to 5 Ampere. We used the normal fuse in these cases.

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Which type of Filament is used in the electrical bulb?

We used the tungsten Wire Filament in the Electrical Bulb. The melting point of these wires is much more than other wires. The melting point of this wire is 3400 degrees celsius.

Which type of filament is used in the Electrical Heater?

As we know, We used the Nichrome Wire Filament in the Electrical Heater. The melting point of this wire is greater than other types of wires. The melting point of these wires is approximately 1400 Degree Celcuius.

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What is the difference between Isolator and Circuit Breaker?

Both of these are used to switch on and switch off electrical equipment but the isolator never gives us protection from bursts whereas the circuit breaker automatically switches off in case of electrical fault.

What is Bigger in KW and HP. How much Watt in Both?

This is a very simple question. Here are the brief details about both.

1 KW = 1000 Watt

1 HP = 746 Watt

So, the KW is bigger than HP.

What is Ohm’s Law and Why its Important?

Ohm’s Law shows the relationship between the Voltage, Current, and Resistance in an Electrical Circuit.

Ohm’s Law Formula 

V = IR

Where V is the Voltage, R is the Resistance and I is the current.

What is the difference between UF and MFD in Capacitor?

UFand MFD Stands for Micro Faraday. So, these both are the same. U is the simple of the micro. So, these both are same.

Which motor has more RPM, AC, or DC?

DC Motor RPM is much more than as compared to AC. The RPM of the DC Motor is 12 V. As we have seen on the other side of AC, So the RPM of AC is 3000 RPM maximum.

Which type of motor is used in the train?

The oldest train engine used the DC Series Motor. But the latest train engine used the AC Series Moter. AC Motors are the different types but the train is used 3 Phase squirrel Induction Motor.

Can provide drinking water to the person engaged in electrical shock?

No, We cannot provide drinking water to the person engaged in the electrical shock. 

What is the difference between AC and DC Current?

AC stands for Alternative Current. There is the main difference is Frequency. In AC Current occurs the frequency.

On another side, DC Stands for Direct Current. There is no frequency in the DC Current.

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What water is poured into the battery?

In Battery, mainly RO Distilled water is poured into the battery.


So, guys, these all are the most important questions that may be asked the electrician jobs interview question. In this article, we introduced all types of electrician jobs interview questions.

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