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In this article we are going to talk about Electrical Symbols List. We will learn how to use these list of electrical symbols used in electrical circuits. How any electrical device is represented by its list of electrical symbols.

We all know that ITI students and Physics students also want to do repairing of any industry or any house or electrical circuit i.e., fitting. To do any electrical work successfully, they should know about electrical symbol list.

They have to understand about these symbols that how all these things are useful in preparing the electrical circuit properly. An Electrical Symbols Drawing is a part of a technical drawing that is used in Power, Lighting and Electrical Products.

Electrical Symbols List and Drawing

Electric circuit, which is easy and difficult, which we can define in many ways. Electrical circuits can be described with more words, although a simple and visual way to describe an electrical circuit is by drawing it using basic electrical symbols List.

To make Electric Circuit Diagram, we need to represent various electrical and electronic components like: Electric Cell, Battery, Wire, Register and Transistor in the form of Pictogram as list of electrical symbols.

But here all these Electrical Symbols List are used for detail information about any device etc. This Electrical Symbols List and Drawing any Documentation and Diagram can be easily created by this.

Traditionally these List of Electrical Symbols are spread across the country and abroad. This is a huge and vast part of an electrical world that is being told here. All these List of electrical symbols are given in the table below.

Electrical Symbols and Drawing List

1Earth Electrode
Earth Electrode SymbolIt is a metal plate, water pipe or other conductor of electricity that is partially embedded in the earth because that there is a white reliable conductive path to the institution and the ground. 
2Cell Symbol
Cell Symbol

A cell is a device containing an electrode dipped in an electrolytic used to generate current for electrolysis.

3battery symbol
Battery SymbolSeries and Parallels A group of cells is called a battery. 
4dc voltage source symbol
D.C. Source Voltage SymbolDC Source Voltage is a commonly used Direct Voltage Source.
5AC Voltage Source
A.C. Source Voltage SymbolA.C. Source Voltage is an alternative source of current.
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6Resistor Symbol
Resistor SymbolResistor is a device that prevents electric current from passing through.
7Variable resistance symbol
Variable Resistance SymbolIt is used to assemble anywhere in the resistance. So, This is Electrical Wiring Symbols.
8Rheostat Symbol Image
Rheostat SymbolSo, Rheostat is used to control the current of the circuit or potential divider.
9LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) Symbol
LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) SymbolLDR The value of these resistors depends on their internal illumination
10Capacitor Symbol
Capacitor Symbol

A capacitor is an electric device that is used to store electric charge. In capacitor, two parallel conductors are separated by insulating materials.

11Antenna Image Symbol
Antenna Symbol

Antenna is such an electric device that converts electric power into radio waves and radio waves into electric power.

12Inductor Symbol |
Inductor Symbol

Inductor is a device that stores energy in the form of a magnetic field.

13Wire Symbol
Wire Symbol

Wire means wire which is used to connect circuits together.

14Test Point Symbol
Test Point Symbol

A test point is a place on an electronic circuit that is used to state the circuit and inject the test signal.

15Indicator Symbol
Indicator Symbol

Outward flow means when electric current flows outwards and inward flow means when current flows inward.

16switch Symbol
Switch SymbolSwitch is a device that connects or breaks an electric circuit, it is called a switch.
17Switch Close Symbol
Switch Close SymbolSwitch Close means to close the switch.
18Two Way Switch Symbol
Two Way Switch SymbolTwo Way Switch is used to turn ON and OFF in Electric Switch.
19Push Switch Symbol
Push Switch SymbolPush Switch is used in Mixture, Juicer and many Electric Devices.
20Ammeter Symbol
Ammeter SymbolIt is such an electronic device that is used to measure electric current.
21Voltmeter Symbol
Voltmeter SymbolA galvanometer with high resistance is called a voltmeter. It is added between two points between which the potential difference is measured.
22Galvanometer  Symbol 
Galvanometer  Symbol Galvanometer is an electronic device that detects the presence of electric current in a circuit.
23Light Bulb Symbol 1 |
Light Bulb SymbolLight bulb or Incandescent lamp is used in the circuit which is defined by this electrical symbol.
24Diode P N Junction Symbol
Diode P N Junction SymbolDiode is an electric device which is used to conduct current in only one direction.
25Transistor Symbol
Transistor SymbolIt is a non-recurring part of the wave or signal. Transient disturbances, which may be mechanical, electrical or positive, arising from a sudden impulse or the introduction or removal of conductor hairs in a system.
26amplifier symbol
Operational Amplifier SymbolA device that magnifies the amplitude of the input signal by taking energy from an external source. The ratio of the output amplitude and input amplitude of the amplifier is called the gain or amplifier of the amplifier.
27Transformer Symbol
Transformer SymbolIt is a device that increases or decreases the current or voltage by means of electromagnetic induction.
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28Speaker Symbol
Speaker SymbolSpeaker is such an electronic device which is used to make the voice louder.
29Isolator Symbol
Isolator Symbol It is the mechanical switch that isolates a portion of the circuit from the system when the required electrical isolator is a separate path from rest and maintenance.
30SPST Symbol
SPST SymbolSPST stands for Single Pole, Signal Throw Switch.
31SPDT Symbol
SPDT SymbolSPDT stands for Single Pole, Double Throw Switch.
32DPST Symbol
DPST SymbolDPST stands for Double Pole, Signal Throw Switch.
33DPST Symbol
DPDT SymbolDPDT stands for Double Pole, Double Throw Switch.


However In this article we discussed about Electrical Wiring Symbols as well as we also learned about all their symbols. We have given you complete information about all these but the information is given in details because you can learn more information.

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FAQ Related With Electrical Wiring Symbols

Q.1. What is Electrical Symbols?

So, All these things are used to prepare the electrical circuit properly. An Electrical Wiring Symbols Drawing is a part of a technical drawing that is used in Power, Lighting and Electrical Products.

Q.2. Why Electrical Symbol is Important?

For instance to understand about these symbols that how all these things are useful in preparing the electrical circuit properly. An Electrical Wiring Symbols Drawing is a part of a technical drawing that is used in Power,  in addition Lighting and Electrical Products.

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