Top 7 Tips – How To Pack Electronics For Moving On A Budget

Electrical objects are not like other household goods. They are expensive and sensitive. Henceforth, electronic goods need extra care while moving house. Let’s Know How to pack electronics for moving in a simple manner.

This 21st century is the Golden era of Technology and there are hardly any people who don’t have any TV, mobile computers, tabs, video games, music systems, etc.

As they are a hundred to a thousand dollars expense and easily breakable objects, you cannot pack all these in a careless way while moving. How to pack Electronics for Moving is a mindful and very natural topic to us.

Also, you need to follow some processes and smart ways how to pack electronics for moving in order to ignore breakages and save money and time. 

And people often relocate their house or office/ shifting service from Pune to Bangalore or Delhi for their future career. And they get harassed by thinking about the packing, loading, unloading, the safety of the goods, etc.

In this guide, we will cover how to pack electronics for moving and all those points that will make your packing process of electronic goods easy and hassle-free.

Electronic Items Are Sensitive

Mobile phones, computers, music players, washing machines, fridges, TV remotes, and battery chargers are a good deal of investment. It takes smart strategies and equipment to pack all these Electronic goods.

So, here we will know about how to pack electronics for moving and not only that, you have to pack Electronics things in such a way that they get no damage during transport.

There are some electronic items that are as follows:

  • Fragile
  • High temperature affected
  • Not weatherproof 
  • Sensitive
  • Made of plastic and fiber
  • Not waterproof

Therefore, you cannot do that with yourself. Either you have to follow some exact rules or hire a professional packer and mover company.

Before diving into how to pack electronic items for moving, we suggest you go for packing and moving service provider who will easily pack your electronics for moving and households in an effective way. 

There are many chances that your goods may damage or broken at the time-shifting, but choosing packers and movers can reduce your risks. Let’s move to How to pack electronics for moving.f

How To Pack Electronic Items

Electronic items provide tons of value, but they are very easily breakable. Henceforth, you need to pay attention to the right instructions and the process that a professional Packers and Movers company follows during a move.

Most importantly, if you break any of these electronic items while shifting, you will lose a good deal of money. That is why you need to follow some professional methods of shifting.

What are the best ways to pack and move? 

So, we are going to offer some professional ways that will help you pack your electronic items that will avoid breakage.

1. Remove The Cables

Before starting the packing process just unplug all the chargers and cables of the music player, video game, TV, fridge, and computer. And, by naming them as per the parent material, keep them aside safely. 

removing cables
  • TV cables.
  • Refrigerate cables.
  • Laptop and PC cables.
  • Music players cables.
  • Video game cables, etc.

Also, there are some items you have to remove from the parent materials if you want to make your moving easy.

  • Batteries
  • Pen Drives
  • CDs, DVDs
  • USB
  • Blu-rays.

2. Take A Picture

Unplugging the cables is the easiest job but plugging them into the devices is not. That is why you can take pictures before hitting them. Creating a QR code for each cable and attaching it to the corresponding device can simplify the process of plugging them in.

take picture

Not knowing which plug will go where this thing can waste your essential time. So, taking a picture is the smartest way.

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3. Labeling Electrical Goods

Now after unplugging all the cables, it’s time to label them with their name. As you don’t want to replace your TV cables with your PC.

label electronics

You can use the different types of the things that are shown below:

  • Colored Stickers
  • Sketch pens
  • Color tapes

Or you use any white paper and mark them with its name like audio cable, power cable, video cable, etc.  

4. Follow Product Instructions 

Before covering and packing any of your electrical goods, just read the manual instructions given by the particular company.

products instruction

When you go through the user’s manual you will get lots of instructions like:

  • How to pack and unpack
  • Safe Temperature level
  • Water protection
  • Use hook or not
  • Weather Protection etc.

Therefore, you must have to follow the manufacturer’s advice as your soft electrical items will be stored along with other happy materials. 

For more information visit their official website. Also, you can directly consult the owners of the electrical products all the way. This is basically the fourth point of How to pack electronics for moving.

5. Find Original Boxes

If you have saved the original boxes, it will help you pack all the electronic goods easily in no time. As they fit properly to the item’s width and height, you don’t need to find other boxes like cardboard.

packing box

If you didn’t save those original boxes, you can buy cardboards online or from your nearest shop. But make sure you pack and over them accurately.

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6. Packing Materials

Along with the cardboards and original boxes, you need some other materials for wrapping things up like : 

  • Cartoons.
  • Newspaper.
  • Tape.
  • Scissors.
  • Felt-tip markers.

7. Perfect Packing Materials

When you get quality boxes for electrical goods, we will wrap the materials. We need some of these assemblies like: 

  • Bubble wrap
  • Bubble cushioning
  • Packing Papers
  • Tape gun
  • Zip ties
  • Crumpled Packing Paper
  • Packing tapes

How To Prepare Your Computers For Moving?

Now, we know about that how to pack electronics for moving like Computer like stuff. So, Computers are very sensitive and useful electronic items as they hold the most beneficial and important information plus digital files like:

  • Images, videos, passwords, and all those data like PDF files, documents, emails, and phone numbers.

Therefore, you don’t want to take any risks while moving. So, our recommendation is always to take a backup of your computer 2-3 days ago before starting the packing journey. This is the best method for How to pack electronics for moving.

Methods to follow while packing your computer?

You know how dusty your PC gets in your house. So, you can imagine how dusty it can be during the transporting process.

So, we recommend packing your PC and other machines like batteries and CPU with paper and in their original boxes, if possible.

As you mentioned above removing any cables, dongles, and other tools from your computer will save time while unpacking and plugging.

How To Pack Phones, Tablets, And Laptops?

These electrical gadgets are also sensitive but easy to carry. You can use your backpack for carrying them. But, make sure you carry them with you and don’t store them with hard materials.

  • One thing to remember is to always lock your phone, PC, and laptop with a hard password because there is a chance they might be stolen or lost during transportation.

How to pack a TV for movers?

Doing How to pack electronics for moving First, remove and keep separately all the important cables and the remote. Then find original boxes and pack them with thermocol. If you want to pack a TV then use this method for How to pack electronics for moving.

How to pack electronics for flight?

You know, carrying something by air always comes with risks, so there is no rule to carrying any hard items. Yes, you can carry small portable devices like mobile phones, cell phones, standard-size laptops, and tablets.

But, you cannot carry hard materials like refrigerators, TV, video games, and DVD players by airplane. Simply, any electrical goods larger than a cell phone are not allowed to carry.

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How do you pack game consoles for moving?

So, here are some stuff like to follow you when you pack the gaming electronics items console for moving outside. So, follow How to pack electronics for moving stuff is as follows:

  • Take out any gaming disc.
  • Clear the dust off your gaming equipment.
  • Unplugged all the cables.
  • Pack them properly with the original boxes.
  • Use tape.


So, in this article, we cover all about How to pack electronics for moving. If you are looking for any electronics packing or shifting you should go for the Cloud Packers and movers.

Searching for any packers and movers in Pune or anywhere in India Cloudpackers will help you to relocate your households. We have covered all the needed information about packing and moving your electrical goods. Now, it’s time for a smart move with your electronic gadgets.

I hope you like How to pack electronics for moving article. If you like How to pack electronics for moving then please share this article with your friends and family. If you have any questions about packing and moving, or How to pack electronics for moving things then please comment below. Our team will reply to you as soon as possible. Keep Stay with Wirekhoj India. Keep safe.

FQA Related to How to Pack Electronics for Moving

How to pack electronics for shipping?

Pack them with Original boxes and use thermocol, paper wrap, and bubble wrap. It will save any electronic goods.

How to pack stereo equipment for moving?

First, find original boxes or cardboard boxes and use newspaper bubble wrap, or you can use styrofoam packing peanuts.

How to pack electronics for travel?

Start packing soft material first. Then head to the heavier electrical goods. Use a universal travel adaptor. Don’t carry hard electrical goods. In the case of international flights, avoid the extra charges by weighing your materials at the airport.

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